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The Chevrolet Chevelle muscle car is back in a bizarre way

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Desde entonces, it's resurrected several historic model names including Hummer and Blazer, but you still haven't been able to buy a new Chevelle. Until now. The 70/SS is a custom Camaro inspired by the 1970 Che... designed a bizarre Mercedes-Benz to support STEAM education

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The WILL.I.AMG features an entirely redesigned body with two suicide style doors and a blunt front end inspired by the Mercedes-Benz G-Class SUV, with round headlights and a vertical rectangular grille replacing the ...

MSNBC silent as Joy Reid continues pattern of controversial and bizarre remarks

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El lunes, during an interview with failed New York City Mayoral candidate Maya Wiley, the MSNBC host made a comparison between Senate Republicans opposing Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson and past segrega...

Bizarre car collection being auctioned to raise money for Christian missions

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The South Dakota construction company owner died in 2020 a la edad 81 and left behind an interesting collection of vehicles that will be auctioned in May.

Outrage after Ketanji Brown Jackson says she ‘can’tdefine the word woman: ‘Legit bizarre

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Su. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., brought up transgender issues in her questioning and asked Jackson, "Can you provide a definition for the word ‘woman?"" "Can I provide a definition? No, I can’t," the judge responded...

Playboy’s Hugh Hefner had a ‘profound’ fascination with Charles Manson, [object Window]: ‘It was really bizarre’

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The claim was in A&E’s news docuseries "Docuserie de Playboy Hugh Hefner arroja luz sobre el libertinaje," which features explosive new interviews with past girlfriends, along with numerous members of Hefner’s staff and inner circle. The 10-episode show debu...

Bruce Arians lashes out on BucsAndrew Adams in bizarre sideline outburst

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After the Bucs recovered Jalen Reagor’s fumbled punt return, Arians stormed onto the field and appeared to swing at Adams helmet before shoving him off. TOM BRADY, BUCS STREAMLINE PAST EAGLES, NFC DIVISIONAL ROUND A...

Bizarre Chargers, Raiders playoff scenario still alive ahead of matchup

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The Jacksonville Jaguars somehow pulled off an upset of the Indianapolis Colts and the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Baltimore Ravens in their game on Sunday afternoon. Because the Steelers won, all the team needs to ...

State Department mocked for ‘bizarrepromotion of Antony Blinken’s Spotify playlist: ‘Humiliating

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From Dec. 10 through Jan. 2, the State Department's Twitter account tweeted about Blinken's Spotify playlist a total of eight times while also re-tweeting its own tweets about the playlist, as well as tweets from oth...

Brooks Koepka hace una audaz predicción de Antonio Brown después del extraño estallido de la estrella de la NFL

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Koepka, quien ha ganado cuatro títulos importantes y terminó empatado en el segundo lugar en el 2019 Maestros, tuiteó después del incidente, los fanáticos podrían ver al receptor abierto de la NFL en un ring en lugar de en el campo a continuación.. HACER CLIC ...

It rained fish over a Texas town this week in a bizarre weather event

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It's raining fish in east Texas -- but it's nothing too out of the ordinary. A principios de esta semana, residents of Texarkana reported small fish falling from the sky in what seemed like an epochal weather event. The real...

El servidor del restaurante revela un pequeño consejo y una nota extraña que dejó el cliente en un TikTok viral

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Un video que revela la pequeña propina que recibió un camarero se volvió viral en TikTok y está provocando un debate. Según el metraje, el comensal que dejó la propina en el $ 70 comida escribió una nota explicando por qué no podían ....

‘I’ve never seen anything like that’: Bizarre goal marks thrilling Manchester United and Arsenal clash

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Manchester United bounced back from conceding one of the most unusual goals you're ever likely to see to eventually beat Arsenal 3-2 in Thursday's Premier League clash. With new interim head coach Ralf Rangnick set ...

Keith Olbermann roasted for bizarre tweet tying Michigan High School shooting to Barstool Sports, Triunfo

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Dulce imprescindible de Fran Fraschilla, responding to an article from Barstool memorializing a student who was killed during the incident, decided to take shots at the outlet for promoting "Trumpist Fascism" que, él dijo, has earned the support...

Nuevo dinosaurio blindado encontrado en Chile tenía una extraña cola armada

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Suscríbase al boletín de ciencia Wonder Theory de CNN. Explora el universo con noticias sobre descubrimientos fascinantes., avances científicos y más. Una nueva especie de dinosaurio blindado descubierta en Chile tenía un arma..

Biden sigue contando una extraña historia de Amtrak que ya fue desacreditada

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Biden on Wednesday told the factually challenged Amtrak story for the fourth time in his presidency to date. LA EXTRAÑA HISTORIA DE AMTRAK DE BIDEN NO AGREGA "Sobre, Oh, I guess it was seven years into my tenure as vice ...

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