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‘Colin in Black & blanco’ explores Colin Kaepernick’s formative years but fumbles in its approach

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Colin Kaepernick possesses greater gifts as an athlete and activist than as a TV personality, which becomes apparent watching "Colin in Black & blanco," a series that -- much like NBC's "Young Rock" -- revisits a...

Oficial de policía de California condenado por asalto con arma de fuego en 2018 muerte de un hombre negro, pero el jurado se estancó en el cargo de homicidio involuntario

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Un oficial de policía de California fue condenado el martes por asalto con arma de fuego, pero el jurado no llegó a un veredicto sobre un cargo de homicidio voluntario en el 2018 asesinato de un hombre negro de 32 años al que le dispararon nueve ....

‘Black Virginians for Youngkincoalition member explains support for Republican

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"What he's conveying most to me is maybe the simple things that we really want," Linda Gross told Fox News. "It's to make Virginia the best place to live, the best place to work, the best place to raise a family," sh ...

A Utah school district ignored hundreds of racial harassment complaints against Black and Asian American students, DOJ says

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Black and Asian American students were harassed at a school district in Utah for years and officials deliberately ignored complaints from parents and students, a federal civil rights investigation found. The Justic...

Una niña de 10 años arrestada en la escuela por un dibujo fue la única estudiante sancionada por ser negra, mamá y abogado dicen

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Una niña negra de 10 años que fue arrestada en una escuela en Hawai por un dibujo fue la única estudiante negra involucrada en el incidente y la única disciplinada., la familia de la niña y su abogado dijeron. "Es dificil ...

Mientras el misterio rodea la muerte del día de Jelani, familias de hombres negros desaparecidos piden más responsabilidad

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La madre de Jelani Day enterró a su hijo esta semana, pero no podrá descansar hasta que la muerte de la estudiante de posgrado de Illinois ya no sea un misterio. "Necesito saber que paso con mi hijo," Carmen Bolden Day contó ....

Solange launches a library for rare books by Black authors

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The thing about rare books is that they're, bien, raro -- which means too many hidden gems are well out of reach for the everyday literary enthusiast. Solange is trying to change that. The singer's creative studio S...

Black borrowers liken student loan debt to ‘Jim Crowsaying it deepens racial inequality, nuevo estudio encuentra

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Black borrowers say policymakers have ignored the racial and economic evidence of inequality in student loan debt with the majority insisting that canceling all student debt is the best solution to the crisis, accor ...

A Black girl was arrested at school in Hawaii over a drawing that upset a parent

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The American Civil Liberties Union of Hawaii is demanding policy changes after a 10-year-old Black girl was arrested at school over a drawing linked to a "run of the mill" dispute among children. In response to the ...

A Washington state sheriff is facing criminal charges after incident with Black newspaper delivery driver

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A Washington state sheriff who allegedly tailed a Black man delivering newspapers falsely accused the man of threatening his life, summoning dozens of officers to the scene to apprehend him, prosecutors said Tuesday...

Biden CBP pick Chris Magnus faced claims he discriminated against Black officers, made racist jokes

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La demanda, which covered claims going back to 2006 y 2007 and was eventually rejected in 2012 by a jury, could prove to be an issue for Chris Magnus at a time when Democrats and even some Biden administration off...

Black state trooper in Louisiana faces termination after accusing colleagues of murder

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A Louisiana state trooper who accused colleagues involved in the death of Ronald Greene of murder and an alleged internal coverup says he was notified he will be fired. Carl Cavalier gave an interview in June to CNN...

Microsoft’s Jacky Wright had to leave the UK to become its most influential Black person

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Londres (CNN Business)Microsoft chief digital officer Jacky Wright has been named the United Kingdom's most influential Black person. But the US-based executive says she might not have reached the top of her professio...

Federal grand jury investigating Kansas City cop who allegedly ‘exploited and terrorizedBlack residents for decades

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Federal prosecutors in Kansas have launched a criminal grand jury investigation into a retired Kansas City police detective who is the subject of long-swirling allegations that he "exploited and terrorized" Black re...

Civil rights leader Timuel Black dies at 102

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Civil rights leader Timuel Black died Wednesday at the age of 102, according to a statement from the University of Chicago where he obtained a master's degree in 1954. "He marched with Martin Luther King Jr., campa...

Los estadounidenses negros están encarcelados a una tasa casi cinco veces mayor que la de los blancos, nuevo informe sobre los hallazgos de las prisiones estatales

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Los estadounidenses negros están encarcelados en prisiones estatales a una tasa casi cinco veces mayor que la de los estadounidenses blancos., según un nuevo informe de The Sentencing Project. El informe encontró que uno en 81 Adultos negros por 100,000 gente.

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