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Early Chinese Americans were blamed for diseases and denied health care. So they built their own hospital

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When diseases have historically spread in the US, so too has discrimination and hate against Asian Americans. Asian Americans have been verbally harassed, spat on and attacked throughout the coronavirus pandemic. M ...

American ‘wokecompanies blamed for fueling China’s rise, Paypal co-founder says

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"There's something about the woke politics inside these companies, the way they think of themselves as not really American companies. And it's somehow very, very difficult for them to have a sharp anti-China edge wha...

Canada vowed to protect its Indigenous women. But they are still being blamed for their own deaths

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February marked the culmination of a nearly decade-long legal saga that raised national questions about how Canada treats Indigenous women. Cindy Gladue, a 36-year-old Canadian Cree-Métis mother of three, bled to de...

Gov. Texas. Abbott het die federale aanbod om migrante te toets, afgesit en hulle die skuld gegee vir die verspreiding van Covid

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Gov. Texas. Greg Abbott stop die pogings van die Biden-regering om federale fondse te voorsien vir Covid-19-toetse vir migrante wat uit aanhouding vrygelaat word, 'n senior beampte vir binnelandse veiligheid sê aan CNN. Na ontspanning ...

Federal government to execute inmate who blamed murder victim for using witchcraft on him

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The federal government was set Tuesday to execute an inmate who raped and murdered a 30-year-old nurse in Georgia 19 years ago and blamed the victim for using witchcraft on him. William Emmett LeCroy, 50, was found ...