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Resa dei conti al Senato della Florida: I membri delle forze dell'ordine che sostengono Rubio hanno fatto esplodere l'ex capo della polizia Demings

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Lo spot di Rubio e del Comitato Nazionale Campagna Senatoriale, che è stato condiviso prima con Fox News venerdì, è l'ultimo sforzo del senatore per mettere in discussione il sostegno dell'ex capo della polizia di Orlando al divertimento della polizia...

L'esplosione del porto di Beirut due anni dopo: Una ferita aperta peggiora mentre le autorità cercano di chiudere il caso

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Una versione di questa storia è apparsa per la prima volta nella newsletter della CNN nel frattempo in Medio Oriente, uno sguardo tre volte a settimana nelle più grandi storie della regione. Iscriviti qui. London Clocks si fermò quando uno dei più grandi non-...

Progressive prosecutors blast recalls, assail Democrats for not supporting reform agenda

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The discussion on changing the criminal justice system was part of a virtual meeting moderated by Melina Abdullah, a civic leader and professor at California State University, Gli angeli. District attorneys Chesa Bo...

Twitter users blast NPR, Randi Weingarten over poll suggesting parents ‘satisfied’ with child’s education

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"A national poll finds that parents across the political spectrum are satisfied with their children's schools and feel well-informed about controversial topics — in contrast to the messaging of a small minority clamo...

Republicans blast Mayorkas for pushing ‘absolutely shamefulnarrative about ‘domestic terrorism

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During testimony before the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, Mayorkas reaffirmed his assessment that "domestic violent extremism represents the greatest terrorism-related threat to the homeland." rappresentante. Greg Ste...

Chinese teachers among 4 killed in Pakistan university blast

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Three teachers from China and a driver have been killed in a suspected suicide bombing near a Chinese language learning center in Pakistan's largest city, Karachi. The four were in a van near the University of Karac...

Huge blast at illegal oil refinery in Nigeria kills scores of people, compresi i bambini

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Abuja, Nigeria Women and children are among the scores of people killed in an explosion at an illegal oil refinery in a border town in southern Nigeria, dicono le autorità. "The fire occurred in an illegal bunkering sit...

Thirty-three dead and dozens injured in Afghanistan mosque blast

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Thirty-three people are thought to have died in a blast at a mosque in Afghanistan's Kunduz province, secondo i talebani. Among the dead are children, according to Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid, while a...

Cavs blast Bucks backups to earn No. 8 play-in seed

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The Cavaliers didn't have any such luxury. Kevin Love made eight 3-pointers and scored 32 points as Cleveland took the No. 8 play-in spot — and a matchup against Brooklyn — with a 133-115 victory Sunday over the Buck...

Critics blast Obama’s Russia claims; Intel operatives won’t admit they were wrong on Hunter Biden laptop

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HOPE FOR HOSTAGES - The families of Americans held in Russian custody say they’re hopeful the Ukraine conflict will not stymie their efforts to bring their loved ones home. Continue reading … EXECUTION APPROVED - Sou...

GOP lawmakers blast Hunter Biden Secret Service detail’s $30k monthly rent for mansion

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ABC News reported on Monday that the Secret Service detail protecting the president’s son has, for over a year, been shelling out the five-figure rent for the Malibu mansion near the $ 20,000 per month mansion where...

Liberals blast CBS News over hiring Mick Mulvaney as contributor: ‘Pathetic and despicable

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Eric Feigl Ding, an epidemiologist and co-founder of the World Health Network, said he was going to "boicottare" CBS and tagged Susan Zirinisky, CBS News president and CEO, asking her what she was thinking. He also said...

I media internazionali hanno fatto esplodere il commento di Putin senza copione di Biden nel discorso in Polonia per aver creato "caos".’

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Stickers blast Biden at gas pumps

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Decals of a finger-pointing President Biden, with the words "I did that!" in big, bold print, have been appearing on fuel pumps across the country — including New York City — as gasoline prices skyrocket. "I just kno...

Major winter storm to blast snow from Southwest to Northeast

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FLORIDA WILDFIRES FORCE EVACUATION OF 1,100 HOMES AS FIREFIGHTERS BATTLE BLAZES Widespread winter storm (Credito: Fox News) Heavy snow will also fall over sections of the Tennessee and Ohio Valleys. ...

Dozens killed in blast at Shia mosque in Pakistan’s Peshawar

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Islamabad, Pakistan A blast struck a Shia mosque during Friday prayers in Pakistan's northwestern city of Peshawar, uccidendo almeno 56 people and injuring another 196, police and hospital officials said. Più di ...