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MLB fan gets blasted by security guard after running onto field at Yankee Stadium

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TMZ Sports obtained the video of the incident, which occurred during the sixth inning of the game. The fan decided to hop over the wall and expected to take a run around the outfield grass, but a security guard was t...

Liz Cheney blasted Fox News for the Big Lieon Fox News

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Representante de Wyoming. Liz Cheney stared down the most powerful entity in Republican politics on Thursday night and delivered a simple message: You are a big part of the problem. No, I'm not talking about former President Don...

DC Comics criticado por cambiar el estilo americano de Superman’ lema: "Una distorsión y un flaco favor para los fans’

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"Esto es claramente una distorsión y un flaco favor para cualquiera que amaba a Superman que leía los cómics y veía esas películas.," Arroyo dijo "El gran show dominical." "Este es el por qué, recuerda, se trataba de un extraterrestre de ...

Katie Couric blasted over stunning admission about Ginsburg interview: ‘Galaxy-level arrogance

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In her tell-all memoir "Yendo allí," Couric detailed how Ginsburg was critical of national anthem kneelers in the midst of the furor over former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's decision to take a knee to protest ...

Baltimore prosecutor blasted after arsonist serves only six months: ‘Disturbing on so many levels

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Luther Trent set his ex-girlfriend’s house on fire while three people were inside. In a video he recorded after his release, Trent was surprised by his lenient plea deal, admitting, "I shouldn’t be out right now." D...

Líderes de Houston criticados por "experimento social negligente"’ en reforma de la fianza a medida que aumentan los delitos violentos

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Rania Mankarious, Director ejecutivo de Crime Stoppers of Houston, y Adrian Medina, cuya madre supuestamente fue asesinada por un sospechoso reincidente que estaba bajo fianza el año pasado, Unido "zorro & Amigos primero" para discutir cómo cambia la fianza ....

Empleado de Pelosi criticado después de acusar al Partido Republicano de ser "anti-máscara"’ a pesar de sus múltiples deslizamientos de máscara

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"Ahora que ha surgido Omicron, Me pregunto si algún miembro del personal de Republican Hill se arrepiente de abrazar el sentimiento anti-máscara como un rasgo de personalidad.," La subdirectora de comunicaciones de Pelosi, Robyn Patterson, tuiteó el martes. ...

TIME cover blasted for over-the-top attempt to make Biden ‘look cool’ ahead of Putin meeting

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"This cover attempts to make Joe Biden look cool, but even in their flattering depiction of his face -- a drawing because he would look incredibly elderly and weak in a current high-def pic -- he has his typical gapi...

NYC District Attorney Alvin Bragg blasted by critics over lighter punishment for violent criminals

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"We have a time where we have both violence rising and incarceration, and the goal is to simultaneously reduce both," Bragg told Fox News. "I had a shooting on my block a month ago, I've had a knife to my neck, He ...

Coverage of Portland violence blasted after media dismissed unrest: ‘Same phenomenon as the lab-leak theory

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"Anarchists and an increase in violent crime hijack Portland's social justice movement," a Washington Post headline read on Monday. "After months of social-justice activism that made Portland a vivid, sometimes viole...

Disgraced WaPo cartoonist blasted for basing anti-DeSantis cartoon on infamous image of drowned Syrian boy

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De Adder shared an image of the cartoon in a Friday tweet that included a link to the drawing headlined, "Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the Trumpiest one of all?" A new cartoon by liberal Washington Post...

Tyreek Hill criticado como 'abusador doméstico impenitente' para TikTok sordo

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El breve clip, publicado el lunes, muestra a Hill, de 27 años, quien tiene un arresto previo por violencia doméstica y también fue investigado por presuntamente golpear a su hijo, haciendo gestos de kung fu con la mano mientras se acerca a una mujer..

‘There’s no trust’: Pro-immigrant groups blasted Biden officials on a call Friday morning

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Pro-immigrant groups and service providers blasted Biden administration officials Friday morning on a call on the heels of news that the Department of Homeland Security is preparing to revive a Trump-era border poli...

Washington Post blasted over claim that completely switching to renewable energy could avoid blackouts

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In a Sunday piece noting one year since the massive deep freeze that gripped parts of Texas leading to a five-day blackout, The Post cited a recent study by Stanford University that argued switching to renewable alte...

Blue states blasted for ‘appallingmove to use COVID relief money to fund CRT: ‘A trojan horse

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"It is appalling, and it is also unsurprising. Let's look at the words that the department used in February 2021 when they passed this initiative or when they were trying to pass it. Many of us thought that it was go...

Biden blasted for suspending oil-drilling leases in Alaska: ‘Political football

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"More than anything, Alaska has a lot of potential new discoveries. There’s evidence we’re going to need these energy sources to meet global demand. … Anytime you create this uncertainty or delay, you potentially ris...

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