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Dem-run states used COVID-19 relief to push CRT in schools; Plan to block Musk Twitter buy shot down

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VOTER PRIORITIES - Georgetown University students told Fox News COVID-19 and climate change are their top priorities headed into the midterm elections. Continue reading … MOTION TABLED - The Kenosha Parks Commission ...

2 muerto, 4 injured in Indiana block party shooting attended by over 100 gente, la policía dice

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At least two people were killed and four others wounded in a shooting at a block party early Sunday in Indiana, the Lafayette Police Department said in a press release. Más que 100 people attended the party at a L...

Más que 20 states ask judge to immediately block Biden from ending Title 42

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Más que 20 states on Thursday asked a federal judge in Louisiana to immediately block the Biden administration from ending a public health authority, conocido como Título 42. The Biden administration is on track to end ...

Abortion rights supporters try again to block enforcement of Texas’ 6-week abortion ban

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Supporters of abortion rights filed a new federal lawsuit Tuesday in the latest bid to prevent enforcement of Texas' six-week abortion ban, which has dramatically reduced access to the procedure in the country's sec...

Alleghany shareholder sues to block $11.6 billion Berkshire buyout over lack of disclosures

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Alleghany Corp, which agreed last month to be acquired by Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway Inc, was sued on Wednesday by a shareholder who accused the insurance company of making inadequate and misleading disclosu...

Mexican truck drivers block major US-Mexico point of entry in protest of Texas border inspections

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Commercial traffic at Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge -- a major port of entry for the US-Mexico border that handles both commercial and passenger vehicles -- es "halted temporarily" due to an ongoing protest on ...

El príncipe William y Kate Middleton están "abrumados por el remordimiento" tras la tensa gira por el Caribe: video

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El príncipe William y Kate Middleton están "abrumados por el remordimiento" tras la tensa gira por el Caribe, El príncipe William y Kate Middleton están "abrumados por el remordimiento" tras la tensa gira por el Caribe, El príncipe William y Kate Middleton están "abrumados por el remordimiento" tras la tensa gira por el Caribe 10:15 soy. El príncipe William y Kate Middleton están "abrumados por el remordimiento" tras la tensa gira por el Caribe.

Juez: ‘More likely than notthat Trump ‘corruptly attemptedto block Congress from counting votes on January 6

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A federal judge said Monday that former President Donald Trump and right-wing attorney John Eastman may have been planning a crime as they sought to disrupt the January 6 congressional certification of the president...

Senate Republicans must block Biden’s Supreme Court nominee

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Even as the Russia-Ukraine conflict continues to dominate the political news cycle, Republicans should be careful not to allow the looming Supreme Court fight fly under the radar. Judge Ketanji Brown Jacks...

House Dems block energy independence bill; GOP energy expert slams move as ‘unconscionable

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"House Dems just voted against a measure by [Casa de republicanos] to consider the American Energy Independence from Russia Act -- a critical bill that would unleash American energy production," Reps. Stephanie Bice, R-O...

Virginia ACLU uses SPLC ‘hate groupattack to block school board’s transgender policy review

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The Hanover County School Board voted last week to bring in ADF for an independent review of its transgender policies after the ACLU-VA sued the school board, claiming that it violated state law by failing to adopt n...

Energy Sec. Granholm dodges questions on gas crisis as aides whisk her away, block camera: video

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"Hola, Secretary Granholm," Fox News Senior Political Editor Andrew Murray asked the secretary as she walked down a hallway flanked by her aides following her speech at CERAWeek by S&P Global in Houston. Granholm r...

Virginia Democrats block bill to protect religious freedom against executive orders

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Yet Democrats in the Senate General Laws and Technology Committee blocked the bill on Monday. Delegate Wren Williams, the sponsor of H.B. 775, called the bill "vital" for closing a "loophole" that threatens religious...

Pentagon asks Supreme Court to block injunction allowing deployment of unvaccinated Navy SEALs

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The request follows a January ruling by a federal judge in Texas who temporarily blocked the Department of Defense from halting the deployment of SEALs who refuse to comply with the military’s COVID-19 vaccination ma...

Biden administration asks Supreme Court to block order to deploy unvaccinated Navy SEALs

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The Biden administration filed an emergency application with the Supreme Court on Monday, asking it to freeze a lower-court opinion requiring the Navy to deploy special operations forces even though they have refuse...

Roger Stone sues to block January 6 committee from getting his personal cell phone records

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Washington Longtime Donald Trump ally Roger Stone sued Thursday to keep his AT&T phone records from the House select committee investigating the January 6, 2021, ataque al Capitolio de los Estados Unidos. The records would includ...

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