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‘Anti-wokecandidate wins Texas school board race, says voters rejecting media’s ‘false narrativeon race

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Smith is one of two school board candidates in Texas that have been elected amid a raging battle over critical race theory (CRT), prompting speculation about the issue's political saliency nationwide. Smith and Camer...

'Dit is 'n bewegende skaakbord': Die heropening van Covid skep nuwe kommer

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Deirdre Lawson het haar beste lewe gelei voor die pandemie -- as sy nie reis nie, sy gaan konserte toe, flieks of om ander aktiwiteite saam met vriende te doen -- dikwels op die nippertjie. "Dan 2020 slaan en ...

‘Morning Joepanel says Democrats have ‘super wokenessproblem following San Francisco school board vote

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Host Joe Scarborough first noted that Democrats have been struggling with the Hispanic, Black and Asian voter base, before panelist Donny Deutsch, gasheer van "On Brand With Donny Deutsch," offered his blunt assessment t...

‘Wakker geword’ San Francisco school board faces recall as residents blast ‘dumpster fire’ agenda

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"They’re using kids as subjects for their social experiments without facing any consequences themselves," parent and recall petition organizer Rob Kutner told "jakkals & Vriende eers." "It’s a nightmare. I don’t kno...

2 people died when a small plane crashed in New York. A dog on board survived

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A small plane crashed and erupted into flames in New York, killing two people. A dog that was also on board survived, polisie gesê. The plane went down Saturday morning near Harbes Family Farm in Mattituck after tak...

20 Republican-led states threaten legal action against DHS, urge disbanding of ‘un-Americandisinfo board

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Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares is leading GOP attorneys general in sending a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Thursday demanding that the department "cease taking action" contributing...

4th-grader tells ‘Fox & Vriende’ about viral confrontation with school board: ‘I wanted to take a stand

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Provenzano, who is in fourth grade at Felix A. Williams Elementary school in Martin County, added that his classmates are "not happy" about the mask requirement either. UTAH MOM BLASTS SCHOOL DISTRICT OVER MASK MAND...

'N Skoolraad in Florida verander die naam van middel- en hoërskole wat die konfederale leiers vereer

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A school board in Florida has voted to rename six of its schools named after Confederate leaders after community members demanded the change. Nadat ek die kwessie 'n jaar lank bespreek het, the Duval County School Board in Jac...

’n Florida-skoolraadslid het ’n kriminele klag ingedien oor ’n Black queer memoir

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'n Skoolraadslid in Florida wil hê iemand moet krimineel vervolg word omdat hy 'n jong-volwasse memoires vir swart vreemde seuns op skoolbiblioteekrakke toegelaat het. Jill Woolbright, 'n lid van die Flagler County School Bo...

’n Skoolbusbestuurder staan ​​tereg op aanklagte nadat hy dosyne studente aan boord gehad het terwyl hulle dronk was, balju se kantoor sê

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’n Skoolbusbestuurder staan ​​tereg op aanklagte nadat hy dosyne studente aan boord gehad het terwyl hulle dronk was, Florida, ’n Skoolbusbestuurder staan ​​tereg op aanklagte nadat hy dosyne studente aan boord gehad het terwyl hulle dronk was 40 ’n Skoolbusbestuurder staan ​​tereg op aanklagte nadat hy dosyne studente aan boord gehad het terwyl hulle dronk was, polisie gesê. ’n Skoolbusbestuurder staan ​​tereg op aanklagte nadat hy dosyne studente aan boord gehad het terwyl hulle dronk was.

A slot machine in Las Vegas malfunctioned and didn’t tell a tourist they won. The gaming board tracked them down

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A tourist in Las Vegas hit the jackpot on a slot machine last month, but he was never informed due to a malfunction in the machine, according to gaming officials. Now after an exhaustive search, the Nevada Gaming C...

A small plane crashed into a backyard in Houston. All four people on board walked away

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A small plane carrying four people crashed into a backyard in Houston on Friday, and all four people on board walked away. Officials responded to a report of a small-engine aircraft crash less than 10 miles from Hou...

A Tennessee school board removed the graphic novel ‘Maus,’ about the Holocaust, from curriculum due to language and nudity concerns

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"Maus," the Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel about the experiences of Holocaust survivors, has been removed from an eighth-grade English language arts curriculum by a Tennessee school board over concerns about "...

ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN skip DOJ whistleblower revealing ‘threat tagtargeting parents at school board meetings

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Op Dinsdag, a whistleblower revealed the FBI created a "threat tag" to aid in tracking alleged threats against school board officials, onderwysers, and staff as part of its implementation of a controversial memo issued ...

Afghaanse Krieketraad doen 'n beroep op Australië om nie geskiedkundige wedstryde te kanselleer nie

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Die Afghaanse Krieketraad (ACB) het 'n beroep op Australië gedoen om nie 'n geskiedkundige toetswedstryd tussen die twee lande wat vir Hobart op November opgestel is, te kanselleer nie 27. Australië, 'n kragbron van die sport, het nog nooit 'n toetswedstryd gespeel nie...

After an altercation on board, a man jumps out of a taxiing airplane at Los Angeles airport

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A passenger was injured Friday after jumping out of a United Express flight that was taxiing from a gate area at the Los Angeles International Airport, an LAX police spokesman told CNN. At about 7:10 nm. local ti...

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