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Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate: Time for GOP to take back control of school boards

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COVID LOCKDOWNS HAVE ‘LONGER-TERM CONSEQUENCES’ FOR CHILDREN'S DEVELOPMENT: STUDY REBECCA KLEEFISCH: We believe we need to take back control and now is our moment to do it. I democratici l'hanno fatto [outspent Republicans] for y...

CoyotesClayton Keller out for season after scary crash into boards: ‘I will be back better than ever

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Keller was skating toward the Sharks’ net with about 5:15 remaining in the game when he got knocked off stride and crashed into the boards behind the goal. He was down on the ice for about 5 minutes before he was tak...

Virginia ACLU uses SPLC ‘hate groupattack to block school board’s transgender policy review

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The Hanover County School Board voted last week to bring in ADF for an independent review of its transgender policies after the ACLU-VA sued the school board, claiming that it violated state law by failing to adopt n...

13 states sue Biden admin for any communications on FBI surveillance of parents protesting school boards

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Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita, un ex membro del Congresso, has taken the lead in the lawsuit against President Biden, Attorney General Merrick Garland and Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, citing a failure ...

il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani’ il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani, il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani

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"il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani, il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani, il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani," il consiglio ha votato all'unanimità per sospendere i suoi piani.

New Jersey mom calls out school board’s mask hypocrisy: ‘Rules for thee and not for me

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PENNSYLVANIA PARENTS RESPOND TO SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER OP-ED: ‘IF HE DOESN’T WORK FOR US, WHO DOES HE WORK FOR?' Ridgewood, New Jersey, mother of two Ashley Laub joined "Volpe & Amici," saying the incident was symbo...

La National School Boards Association è stata fatta a pezzi dopo una lettera che confrontava i genitori con i terroristi domestici: rapporto

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La lettera e la decisione del procuratore generale Merrick Garland di dirigere l'FBI e gli Stati Uniti. gli avvocati per affrontare la questione hanno suscitato un putiferio tra i genitori, attivisti e leader politici del GOP che hanno visto in atto un tentativo...

MSNBC host complains about GOP fight on school boards: ‘New front in their war on education

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Su "Scadenza: casa Bianca," anchor Nicolle Wallace complained Republicans were opening a "new front in their war on education" and looking to make school board races "more partisan." "Republicans are eyeing a new fr...

Dickinson 23 punti, 14 boards as No. 24 Michigan tops SD St

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Dickinson scored 23 punti, making all three of his 3-pointers, and grabbed 14 rebounds to help the Wolverines beat San Diego State 72-58 Sabato. Dickinson had four points in a 72-51 loss at North Carolina on Wedne...

Abbott demands Texas school boards shield kids from pornography

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"A growing number of parents of Texas students are becoming increasingly alarmed about some of the books and other content found in public school libraries that are extremely inappropriate in the public education sys...

McCarthy chiede all'AG Garland di ritirare il promemoria che esorta l'FBI a indagare sui genitori che minacciano i consigli scolastici

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La lettera è stata inviata dal leader repubblicano della Camera Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., Membro della classifica della Commissione Giustizia della Camera Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, e membro della classifica della commissione per l'istruzione e il lavoro della Camera Virginia Foxx, R-N.C. "Ragnatela...

Josh Hawley fa esplodere la "collusione" tra la National School Boards Association e l'amministratore di Biden

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GARLAND DOVREBBE ARRESTARE DOPO LE SCUSE NSBA, I POLITICI DEL GOP DICONO JOSH HAWLEY: Bene, Penso che abbiamo imparato molto dall'interrogatorio alla Camera, e gli abbiamo fatto dire sotto giuramento che la lettera era l'aspetto chiave in ge...

National School Boards Association apology ‘too little, troppo tardi': Parents Defending Education president

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Neily said NSBA "never should have sent" their letter, which requested federal assistance with opposition it deemed "equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes." Shortly after NSBA’s letter was sent...

Jokic posts 32 punti, 16 tavole; Nuggets top Spurs 102-96

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"I’ve never seen nobody play his pace. The slow Euro-step is unstoppable," JaMychal Green said. "A lot of stuff he does is unstoppable. He’s going to be the MVP again." Jokic added more fodder for debate Friday night...

Will Cain exposes tie between ‘compromised’ Biden admin, school boards against parents

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During a hearing on Capitol Hill Thursday, Attorney General Merrick Garland was out of answers regarding the background of putting such a label into place and simply cited the National School Board Association’s lett...

US Commission on Civil Rights members blast AG Garland for memo on parents protesting school boards

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"We write to express our concerns regarding a recent memorandum issued by your office," the four members wrote in the letter, questioning Garland's motive for issuing the memo which instructed the FBI to take the lea...