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Bobbie Nelson, musician and Willie Nelson’s beloved sister, morto a 91

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Musician Bobbie Nelson, a pianist, bandmate and the beloved sister of singer Willie Nelson, è morto all'età di 91. Nelson posted a heartfelt statement about his sister's passing to his Instagram late Thursday. ...

Willie Nelson’s sister Bobbie dead at 91

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Bobbie, who was a pianist, singer and a member of the band Willie Nelson and Family, passed away Thursday morning, "peacefully and surrounded by family." "Her elegance, grace, beauty and talent made this world a bett...

‘Todaycontributor Bobbie Thomas opens up about husband Michael Marion’s death

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Bobbie Thomas is opening up about the death of her husband Michael Marion, che è morto la scorsa settimana all'età di 42. Il "Oggi" style contributor released a statement to NBC on Monday, saying how much she loved him and ...