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Armed ‘good Samaritan’ neutralizes gunman, Uvalde bodycam video and more top headlines

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CLEANING HOUSE - Liberal city's new DA goes on firing spree after voters oust predecessor. Continue reading … TRAGEDY TIMELINE - Uvalde police release bodycam footage showing controversial school shooting response. C ...

Uvalde police release bodycam footage showing controversial school shooting response

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The newly released footage begins with at least two officers walking outside the school with one officer warning the other the gunman "could be" inside the school. "Shots fired, Skote gevuur," the officer can be heard...

Jayland Walker suffered at least 60 wounds in fatal police shooting, Akron police chief says, as authorities release bodycam footage

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Jayland Walker suffered at least 60 gunshot wounds when Akron, Ohio, police officers fatally shot him during a pursuit last week, Akron Police Chief Stephen Mylett said Sunday, citing a medical examiner's report. C ...

Akron police release bodycam video in shooting of Jayland Walker

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Chief Steve Mylett said officers attempted to stop Walker's car for unspecified traffic and equipment violations, but less than a minute into a pursuit the sound of a shot was heard from the car and a transportation ...

‘Anchormanactor David Koechner arrested after failed field sobriety test in Ohio: bodycam beeldmateriaal

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The state of Ohio does not recognize the common terminology of "DUI" (driving under the influence) and instead uses the term "OVI" (Operating a Vehicle Impaired) in its place, which prohibits the use of operating nea...

Casey White: Final moments of manhunt for fugitive murder suspect revealed in bodycam and dashcam footage

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Authorities caught up to Casey White and Vicky White, who are not related but did have a "special relationship," on Monday afternoon following a days-long search that spanned three states. Officers had been surveill...

Houston police bodycam shows deadly confrontation with armed suspect tied to organized criminal activity

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Police officers were dispatched to 729 West Mount Houston Road at about 5:45 nm. op April 9 after receiving information that a male suspect was trespassing, and known to carry firearms. INDIANA MAN ACCUSED OF KILLIN...

Die bruid van Florida maak na bewering troukos met pot vas, grinnik as afgevaardigdes aankom, bodycam shows

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Dit wys adjunkte vertel spysenieringspersoneel "moet nog niks wegsit nie" nadat hy slagoffers agter in 'n ambulans gelaai het. "Ons is almal geraak, op een of ander manier, deur wat in die kos gesit is," 'n man, wie se gesig blou is...

Amir Locke shooting: Minneapolis police release bodycam footage showing officer opening fire

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The family of Locke -- who later died at a local hospital -- is now preparing to hold a news conference Friday as their attorney Ben Crump is comparing the officer-involved shooting to the 2020 raid in which law enfo...

Delaware police, good Samaritan lift SUV after 70-year-old woman pinned underneath: liggaamskamera-video

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The incident happened Wednesday on Fieldstone Lane in the Country Creek community of Newark, the New Castle County Division of Police said. TEXAS POLICE OFFICER RESCUES WOMAN TRAPPED IN BURNING CAR, BODYCAM VIDEO SHO...

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Ohio cop’s bodycam shows deadly gunfire exchange after New Year’s Eve celebratory shots

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"I saw the male’s head through the fence after I heard the shots," the officer can be heard saying on a quiet street in Canton, oor 60 miles south of Cleveland. "I got in my cruiser and went up to the porch and saw...

Las Vegas polisie liggaamskamera beeldmateriaal: Goewerneur. Sisolak is bekommerd oor 'mediasirkus'’ na motorongeluk

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In die video, wat Donderdag deur die Las Vegas Metropolitaanse Polisiedepartement vrygestel is, Siisolak kan gesien word waar hy op die randsteen sit terwyl hy met sy vrou Kathy kommunikeer, 'n mediese beroep en wetstoepassingsbeampte...

Florida deputy saves 3-year-old boy hiding under blanket from house fire, liggaamskamera-videoprogramme

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K-9 Deputy First Class Marcus Dawson responded to the home in the west section of Palm Coast after a neighbor reported that a fire appeared to have broken out in the kitchen, the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office said....

Seattle-polisie red veroordeelde misdadiger uit 'n wrakmotor voordat vlamme voertuig verswelg, liggaamskamera-videoprogramme

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Patrolliebeamptes het eers gesien hoe die man na sy selfoon staar terwyl hy 'n wit sedan op Martin Luther King Jr.. Rondom 9:40 nm., polisie gesê. Toe beamptes hom probeer keer het, die bestuurder het weggejaag. ...

Bodycam -video wys Dayton, Ohio, polisiebeamptes wat 'n Swart parapleeg man uit sy motor sleep tydens 'n stop

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'N Swart parapleeg man van Ohio het 'n klag by die NAACP ingedien nadat 'n video getoon het hoe polisiebeamptes hom verlede maand uit sy motor aan sy hare en arms trek. "Hulle sleep my na die ...

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