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Boko Haram fighters have hoisted flag and forcefully acquired wives in Nigerian town, governor says

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Abuja, Nigeria Boko Haram fighters have reportedly hoisted the Islamist group's flag in a remote district in Niger State, Nigeria's Middle Belt region, and seized the wives of fleeing residents, the state's governor ...

Several remaining missing Chibok schoolgirls escape from Boko Haram

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Lagos, Nigeria Some of the Chibok schoolgirls abducted by Boko Haram nearly seven years ago have finally escaped from their captors, a father of one of the girls told CNN. Halima Ali Maiyanga, one of more than 100 yo...

Boko Haram kills at least seven in Christmas Eve attack in Nigeria, local official says

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Abuja, Nigeria At least seven people were killed in a Boko Haram attack on the majority-Christian village of Pemi in Nigeria's Borno state on Christmas Eve, a local official said. "Boko Haram attacked Pemi village, ...