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Dan Bongino on COVID censorship spreading from social media to text messages

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Y BONGINO: Otra vez, it started with your social media. It evolved into other things. It's now evolving frighteningly into your text messages too. Oh my gosh, conspiracy theory. Muchachos, it's an article in Politico. Los...

Dan Bongino critica el "ridículo" de AOC’ nuevo reclamo sobre el aumento de la delincuencia

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SINDICATOS DE POLICÍA CULPAN A ACLU POR LOS RECIENTES ROBOS DE AISLAMIENTO Y Agarre: 'LOS VOTANTES FUERON MENTIDOS A' DAN BONGINO: [AOC] habla por la muchedumbre tonta e imbécil. Entonces escucha, Me postulé para el cargo varias veces, afortunadamente no funcionó ....

Dan Bongino: Why the media and the left are melting down over Elon Musk

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Y BONGINO: There's a saying, "Those who don't learn from history are doomed to repeat it." Hoy dia, I'd like to add to that, as long as Democrats are hellbent on rewriting it, and oh they are. Information control – t...

Bongino: ‘Nothing will happento Andrew Cuomo because Democrats are ‘a protected class

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Bongino explained to listeners who were awaiting his take on the burgeoning scandal that although he does not like his fellow Queens, N.Y. nativo, many times Democrats in his position either aren't covered well by th...

Dan Bongino shows how the left imposes censorship

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Y BONGINO: You ever notice how the liberal attack mob, they always seem coordinated and in sync with their messaging there? They always seem to march to the same drumbeat at the exact time they need to. Strange, ri...

Trump tells Dan Bongino he has ‘very little doubtcoronavirus leaked from Wuhan lab

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"It came from the lab," Trump dijo "The Dan Bongino Show" on Fox Nation. "I have very little doubt it came from the lab." Trump was one of the first people to suggest that a lab leak might have been the source of the...

Dan Bongino en "Kilmeade Show": Manchin 'salvando a los demócratas de sí mismos’

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"No tenemos ese dinero y Manchin es inteligente aquí. Manchin dice que si no tenemos el dinero y tenemos que emitir bonos para recaudarlo, derecho. ... Esto es solo economía simple 101. No tenemos el dinero. El impuesto b ...

Democrats are ‘not seriousabout fighting crime: Dan Bongino

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NYC ELDERLY SHOVE DEATH TIMELINE RAISES QUESTIONS ABOUT SUSPECT'S FAMILY DAN BONGINO: The fact that the NYPD... under… this awful Democrat leadership is not being allowed to fully implement the old Rudy Giuliani-era...

Dan Bongino critica a Black Lives Matter por sus comentarios sobre Cuba

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Y BONGINO: Son un grupo terrorista, usos de grupos terroristas, usan propaganda y terrorismo, y eso es lo que hace Black Lives Matter. Son comunistas, y los comunistas también son terroristas. Esto hiere tus sentimientos? Tú...

Dan Bongino reveals why the COVID goalpost keeps moving

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Y BONGINO: Why does the left keep moving the COVID goalpost? … It may surprise you, but it has very little to do with, this goalpost moving, with the vaccine or science. It has nothing to do with that. It has every...

Bongino: Sussmann trial ‘the biggest political scandal in modern history’

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SPECIAL COUNSEL JOHN DURHAM'S PROSECUTION OF MICHAEL SUSSMANN: EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW DAN BONGINO: This is only, en mi opinión, the biggest political scandal in modern history... But think about what happened ye...

Bongino: Democrats have a ‘love affair with lying,’ need to ‘tell the American people the truth

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Y BONGINO: I want to talk about the Democrats, their love affair with lying, and the burden of carrying all those lies, El viernes por la mañana comenzó como cualquier otra mañana antes del trabajo.. … So what are the things they’re openly lying about? Well first, there’s immig...

Secretos de la relación del Día de San Valentín de Dan Bongino y su esposa, [object Window]

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Joe Burrow le regala a Kid Cudi una camiseta del Juego de Campeonato de la AFC 2022 [object Window]: [object Window], [object Window].

Dan Bongino: Pregunta seria, why do liberals live in an alternate universe when it comes to crime?

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Bongino was responding to the latest Fox News poll which reported that 73% of participants believe crime has spiked in light of nationwide calls to defund the police. Más que 7 en 10 voters think crime is on the ri...

Dan Bongino en "Fox & Amigos': Only liberals ‘scratching their headsover explosion of crime in US cities

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UNRULY CROWD IN PHILADELPHIA GATHERS OUTSIDE CITY HALL, PERFORM DONUTS AROUND POLICE CRUISER DAN BONGINO: Think about how we got here. Isn't it disturbing we're even having this conversation? … One of the things we k...

Bongino: COVID lab leak, Hunter Biden ‘the exact same story’ of media malpractice

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WHATEVER BIDEN TALKS ABOUT, HE MAKES ‘WORSE’: DAN BONGINO DAN BONGINO: You guys catch here the similarities between the lab leak story and the Hunter Biden laptop story? ... Asi que, you have a story that would be damagin...