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Bill Gates support for ‘bonkersstudy of dimming the sun is ‘grossly irresponsible:’ Author

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"Apocalypse Never" author Michael Shellenberger called the idea "bonkers" in an appearance on "Tucker Carlson stasera" giovedi, before warning against the "grossly irresponsible" experiment. The Stratospheric Contr...

Turnout really was historically bonkers in 2020

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Roughly two in every three eligible voters cast a ballot in the 2020 elezione, according to a new Pew analysis, a stunning number that smashes all previous turnout records. In totale, 66.2% of eligible voters partici...

The bonkers Republican logic on why Trump shouldn’t impeached

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As the Democratic-controlled House prepares to vote to impeach President Donald Trump on Wednesday for his incitement of rioters that stormed the US Capitol last week, Republican elected officials and talking heads ...

The absolutely bonkers threat Donald Trump made this week

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At a rally in Allentown, Pennsylvania, martedì, President Donald Trump said something incredible -- even by his standards. Recounting how his campaign had to move the site of the rally to comply with Democratic G...