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Houston hospital system is offering its employees a $500 bonus if they get Covid-19 vaccine

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Houston Methodist, a Texas hospital system with more than 26,000 empleados, is offering a $ 500 bonus to workers if they get vaccinated against the novel coronavirus. Houston Methodist employees are eligible for a ...

Aros de bonificación: WNBA supera la cantidad de juegos OT del año pasado

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El total ya ha superado la totalidad 2020 temporada y es igual a la 2019 Marcos, según el Elias Sports Bureau. Con 37 juegos jugados, esa es 13.5% que han pasado a un período extra. Eso rompería el previo ...

PGA Tour offering $40 million in bonus money to top stars

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Some of the top players and managers have loosely hinted at the plan, called the "Player Impact Program," since the start of 2020. That was right about the time a concept known as the Premier Golf League funded in pa...

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh says he will gift his bonus to staffers who took pay cuts

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Michigan Wolverines head football coach Jim Harbaugh will donate the bonus money he'll earn this season to employees of the athletic department who were impacted by Covid-19-related pay cuts, Harbaugh dijo. Harbaugh...

Tom Brady talks himself back into Bucs game, helps Rob Gronkowski get bonus

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Gronkowski hauled in seven receptions with 137 yards and landed a $ 1 million bonus and quarterback Tom Brady completed 29 de 37 pasa por 326 yards with three touchdowns in the Bucs’ 41-17 win over Carolina. HACER CLIC...

Barclays freezes ex-CEO’s $29 million bonus as regulators probe links to Jeffrey Epstein

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Londres (CNN Business)Barclays is withholding shares worth as much as $ 29 million from former CEO Jes Staley, pending the outcome of an investigation by British banking regulators into his relationship with Jeffrey ...

US Army offers up to $50K bonus to new recruits

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The US Army is offering a bonus up to $ 50,000, the largest amount ever, to some new recruits who enlist for six years in an effort to increase its ranks amid the coronavirus pandemic. "This is an opportunity to en...