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Reuse’ Leonard Williams unhappy with fans booing the team: ‘I don’t like that

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After the brutal loss, Giants defensive lineman Leonard Williams fired back at the home fans. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . Leonard Williams (99) of the New York Giants sacks Matthew Stafford (9) O ...

Wetsontwerpe’ Cole Beasley calls out fans for booing over vaccine stance, gets in Twitter spat with Mark Cuban

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Beasley took to Twitter to vent about fans that he claimed were booing him over his stance on the COVID-19 vaccine. BILLS FORCE 5 TURNOVERS, OVERWHELM MILLS AND TEXANS 40-0 "Only place I get boo’d is at our ho...

Glen Kamara: Rangers to lodge official complaint over ‘racistbooing at midfielder

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Steven Gerrard, manager of Scottish football team, Rangers, says he's "not surprised" Sparta Prague fans booed Glen Kamara during their 1-0 defeat in the Europa League on Thursday. The Finnish midfielder alleged he'...

Zach Wilson doesn’t blame Jets fans for booing during 4-interception game: ‘They should be

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Wilson’s debut at MetLife Stadium was soured after he threw a total of four interceptions, one on each of his first two pass attempts, one in the second quarter, and the final turnover just after the half resulting i...

Die polisie in Hongkong arresteer 'n man omdat hy die Chinese volkslied gebuit het terwyl hy na die Olimpiese Spele gekyk het

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Die polisie in Hongkong Die polisie in Hong Kong het 'n man gearresteer nadat hy na bewering op die Chinese volkslied geboer het terwyl hy 'n Olimpiese Spele in 'n winkelsentrum bekyk het, het die owerhede Vrydag gesê. Die 40-jarige man ....

Altuve’s slam quiets booing, sends Astros past Indians 7-2

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Altuve hit a grand slam to briefly quiet constant booing directed at him and his Houston teammates, Yordan Álvarez and Michael Brantley homered, and the Astros snapped a four-game losing streak with a 7-2 win over th...

Australian Open fans criticized for booing Covid-19 vaccine announcement

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Australia's government has condemned the "walglik" behavior of spectators at the Australian Open tennis tournament Sunday, after sections of the crowd loudly booed a speech praising the rollout of the Covid-19 va...