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Dem Rep. Cuellar says Biden listening to political activists, not Texas border communities and law enforcement

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BIDEN ADMINISTRATION DEBATES PAYING 'HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS' TO FAMILIES SEPARATED AT THE BORDER HENRY CUELLAR: The bottom line is I supported Joe Biden for president. He was the most centrist candidate running but the...

Hinson calls for Mayorkas resignation, cites ‘dangerous void’ in leadership on border crisis

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"Secretary Mayorkas has lied repeatedly to Congress and to the American people about the crisis at the border and has time and again put politics over border security," Hinson said in a statement obtained by Fox News...

German police stop far-right vigilantes patrolling Polish border

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Berlyn, GermanyGerman police said on Sunday they had stopped more than 50 far-right vigilantes armed with pepper spray, a bayonet, a machete and batons who were trying to patrol the Polish border to stop migrants fro...

Satellietbeelde wys blykbaar China se ontwikkelende gebied langs die omstrede grens met Indië en Bhutan

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Hong Kong New satellite images appear to show China has built up an area in the Himalayas along a disputed border with India and Bhutan that was the site of a months-long standoff in 2017. According to US-based satel...

Arizona sheriff blasts Biden on border crisis: ‘It is an epidemic in my state’

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MARK DANNELS: It should be a concern to every American. Right now in this country, we had over 200,000 getaways. What that means is they've been seen on federal cameras but were not captured. And that's what's being ...

DeSantis fires back at Biden: ‘Every COVID variant on this planetis coming through his open border

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Aan "Die Ingraham-hoek", DeSantis said Biden is being disingenuous in blaming conservative governors who have refused to engage in widespread socioeconomic restrictions in regard to COVID mitigation, because the pres...

Federal judge rules private land on border can be seized for the wall, despite Biden’s construction halt

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The federal government can take "immediate possession" of a Texas family's land along the US-Mexico border after a years-long court battle, a federal judge has ruled -- a move at odds with President Joe Biden's pled...

Lara Logan: Waarom ignoreer Biden admin’ bedreiging van die nasionale veiligheid weens grenskrisis?

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SEK. MAYORKAS Sê GRENSKRISIS 'ONVOLHOUDBAAR' EN 'ONS GAAN VERLOOR' IN GELEUKTE AUDIO LARA LOGAN: Die Biden-administrasie, soos die vorige een, weet dat die Mexikaanse kartelle vandag die gewelddadigste crimi is..

Texas Land Commissioner George P. Bush sues Biden administration for ending border wall construction

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"The issue here is simple – no man is above the law, and that includes President Biden," Bush said in a press conference. TEXAS GOV. ABBOTT SLAMS FEDS FOR ‘PLETE ABANDONMENT’ OF BORDER LAWS AMID ‘UNPRECEDENTED’ MIGRA...

Rep. Andy Biggs provides video of illegal immigrants streaming across border, calls on Biden to act

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Biggs says that the video, provided exclusively to Fox News, was sent to him by an Arizona rancher and shot over the period of several weeks illustrating the brazenness of what he believes are illegal immigrants carr...

Greg Abbott says Biden administration ‘flip-floppedon closing overwhelmed Texas-Mexico border crossings

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"Six hours after U.S. Customs and Border Protection requested help from Texas to close ports of entry and secure the border, the Biden Administration has now flip-flopped to a different strategy that abandons border ...

Bret Baier: Kamala Harris se grensboodskap is die verskil tussen veldtog en regering

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BAIER: Dit is die verskil tussen veldtog en regering, en soms is dit redelik skerp. Veldtog, kandidaat Kamala Harris het verskeie kere na die grens gegaan en gesê sy staan ​​saam met die immigrante en ...

Bruce blasts Joy Reid for claim border crisis ‘nonexistent’: Say it to the mom afraid to let kids play outside

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Reid, 52, called South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem "the roaming Noem" and laughed at her for sending 50 of the state's National Guard troops to assist Texas Gov. Greg Abbott with the border crisis both state executives s...

Cruz accuses Biden of trying to hide ‘egregious failureson border after Mayorkas bars press from tour

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"Closed press," Cruz wrote on Twitter. "Weereens, Joe Biden is trying to hide his egregious failures at the border from the American people. #HidenBiden." Members of the press were allowed inside a border facility...

Stefanik and Daines demand Pelosi, Schumer advance bill to reopen Canadian border as Biden keeps it closed

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Daines, R-Mont., and Stefanik, R-N.Y., said they "urge immediate action" on the bill "to reopen the U.S. – Canada border for non-essential travel and revitalize American jobs and tourism." "It is past time for Congre...

Tom Homan blasts Mayorkasremarks at border: ‘I wanted to throw something at the TV

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GREG ABBOTT: AMERICANS HAD NO IDEA BIDEN ADMINISTRATION WOULD LEAD TO SUCH BORDER CHAOS TOM HOMAN: I watched that news conference. I wanted to throw something at the TV. I don’t know what the color of the sky in his ...

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