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Suo. Kennedy dà fuoco alla spesa eccessiva della DC in seguito al rapporto sul PIL: La conclusione è che l'economia fa schifo

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DEMS SLAM 'LUCY MANCHIN' PER BLOCCARE LA NORMATIVA SUL CLIMA, MA NON VOGLIO LASCIARLO FUORI DALLA PARTY SEN. JOHN KENNEDY: Il presidente Biden si rifiuta di riconoscerlo. Dice di sì, ma la disoccupazione è bassa. La disoccupazione è l...

Harold Ford Jr. sulla sparatoria alla scuola elementare del Texas: Dobbiamo andare a fondo di quello che è successo

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HAROLD FORD JR.: Una delle cose su cui devono riflettere i funzionari pubblici, che si tratti delle forze dell'ordine o di coloro che sono eletti a cariche pubbliche, in questo momento è cosa si può fare diversamente e cosa si può fare il più velocemente possibile..

Wisconsin father-son duo thank America’s military heroes from the ‘bottom of our heart’

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Wisconsin father-son duo Shane Henderson and Justis Henderson, founders of Metal Art of Wisconsin, gave a special shout-out to America's military men and women for maintaining the highest standards for our nation. "T ...

Top dealmaker says Chinese markets are ‘close to the bottom

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Hong Kong (CNN Business)One of China's top investment bankers says the country's stock markets appear to be nearing "the bottom." Chinese markets have been battered in recent months by the impact of Beijing's "zero ...

Barr believes Durham will ‘get to the bottomof Trump-Russia investigation origin

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In an interview with Fox News Digital about his new memoir, "One Damn Thing After Another," in which he notes the Trump-Russia probe was in part what led him back to government service at the Justice Department, Barr...

Greenland’s ice is melting from the bottom upand far faster than previously thought, spettacoli di studio

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The ice sheet covering Greenland is melting rapidly at its base and is injecting far more water and ice into the ocean than previously understood, secondo una nuova ricerca, which could have serious ramifications fo...

Pelosi blasts Republicans for Jan. 6 censure resolution: ‘They seem to have reached rock bottom

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"The Republicans seem to be having a limbo contest with themselves to see how low they can go," Pelosi said Wednesday at a Capitol news conference. "They seem to have reached rock bottom with their statement." Pelosi...

Indiana will get to the bottom of Black Lives Matter: State AG Rokita

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TODD ROKITA: It's another thing that's falling to the states, and so be it. We're going to, we're going to pick up this matter and we're going to get to the bottom of it. Sai, some of me, Laura, dice, 'You know ...

Mammoth tusk recovered from an unlikely place: the bottom of the ocean

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Mammoths are long to be known as ancient land dwellers, so scientists were shocked to find remains from the animal at the bottom of the ocean. Pilot Randy Prickett and scientist Steven Haddock, researchers with Mon...

'Ballando con le stelle': 'Grasso’ la settimana vede la stella eliminata dopo lo stallo dei due ultimi

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"Ballando con le stelle" ha salutato un altro concorrente. Il popolare spettacolo di gara di ballo ha visto celebrità come Olivia Jade Giannulli, JoJo Siwa, Amanda Kloots e altri si danno battaglia al ritmo di "Grasso...

From ‘bottom of totem pole,’ NBA begins its climb in 1950s

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"Basketball was at the bottom of the totem pole," said Cousy, one of the sport's few bankable stars at the time. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . The NBA, known today as a leader when it comes to culture an...

Pompeo on Milley allegations: We need to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible

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MIKE POMPEO: We should make sure that we, as quickly as we can, find out if Gen. Milley spoke to Woodward himself. We should find out if Gen. Milley is prepared to testify, we can do it tomorrow or the next day to ge...

Verdugo’s RBI single in bottom of 9th lifts Bosox past Tribe

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rdugo hit an RBI single with bases loaded and two out in the bottom of the ninth inning to give the Boston Red Sox a 4-3 win over the Cleveland Indians on Saturday. Verdugo's two-strike hit over Daniel Johnson’s head...

Manchester City smashes Arsenal 5-0 as Gunners drop to bottom of Premier League

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Manchester City put on a stunning display to thrash Arsenal 5-0 at the Etihad Stadium on Saturday, dropping the Gunners to the bottom of the Premier League table with their third consecutive loss. Ilkay Gundogan sc...

Airplane discovered at the bottom of a California lake could be from 1965 crash

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Workers testing underwater surveying equipment say they found the wreckage of a small airplane deep underwater in California's Folsom Lake -— and they may have solved a 56-year-old aviation mystery. Sonar images sho...

Freediver finds lost engagement ring at the bottom of England’s largest lake

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Forget finding a needle in a haystack, how about finding an engagement ring at the bottom of England's largest lake? Freediver Angus Hosking answered the call when couple Rebecca Chaukria and Viki Patel lost their d...