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Brian Laundrie -jagtog: Tipster stuur Dog the Bounty Hunter na die kampterrein in Florida 75 myl van die gesinshuis af

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Chapman het Saterdag aangekondig dat hy die soektog na Laundrie betree, en wenke het vinnig ingestroom. Hy het aan Fox News gesê hy het Maandag 'n wenk ontvang dat Laundrie se ouers saam met hul seun in Fort De Soto Park oornag het..

Brian Laundrie soek: Tipster sends Dog the Bounty Hunter to campground 75 myl van die gesinshuis af

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Dog the Bounty Hunter takes Fox News on Brian Laundrie tipster trial to campground tied to parentsDuane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman is investigating a tip that alleges Brian Laundrie, the fugitive fiancé of Gabby...

Brian Laundrie -jagtog: Dog the Bounty Hunter sê hou aan om wenke te kry as miljoene dit raak

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Toe ontbloot die FBI haar oorskot op 'n kampplek in Wyoming en Laundrie sluip in die nag - stel nog meer vrae en onthul min antwoorde. Duane "Hond" Chapman, ook bekend as Dog the Bounty Hunter, aangesluit by die ...

First he fled North Korea. Now he’s escaped from a Chinese prison, and has a $23,000 bounty on his head

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Hong Kong Chinese authorities have offered a bounty equivalent to more than $ 23,000 for the capture of a North Korean defector who broke out of prison in the northeastern city of Jilin on Monday. The inmate, identi...

Dog the Bounty Hunter rips bail reform: ‘People are dying

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DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: [W]e need more fairer cops. We need more fairer laws. We need more fairer jails. It doesn't mean you need free bail. It's not working. A monetary thing is a punishment. You want to steal a car....

Dog the Bounty Hunter calls for police to ‘take the lead out of the bullet,’ adopt less-lethal alternatives

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DOG THE BOUNTY HUNTER: We're starting a campaign right now, it's called, and here's how you get a hold of us: I've arrested over eight thousand fugitives in a forty-three-year career and hav...

Genl. Keane: Media accepted Russian bounty story as ‘truthdespite unverified intel

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US INTEL OFFICIALS BACKPEDAL ON RUSSIA BOUNTY STORY CALLED 'HOAX' BY TRUMP JACK KEANE: The media took this story, leaked I think to one of the major newspapers, and accepted it as the truth. Maar terselfdertyd, our...

Washington Post stands by ‘Four Pinocchiosrating for Trump claim Russian bounty intel was ‘fake news

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A senior Biden administration official said Thursday the intelligence community only had "low to moderate" confidence in the report, meaning it was unproven and possibly untrue, due to a reliance on "detainee reporti...

Dog the Bounty Hunter’s stepdaughter arrested for domestic violence in Hawaii

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Cops in Honolulu got a phone call around midnight on July 31, according to docs obtained by TMZ, from Barmore's partner, Matty Smith, who claimed she punched him in the face and back, leaving bruises. Matty, who Cec...

Gabby Petito slaying: Florida lawyer, a mom of two, puts $20G bounty on Brian Laundrie

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"I think a missing child is every parent's worst nightmare," the lawyer and mother of two, Tatiana Boohoff, het Fox News Vrydag gesê. "Our hearts go out to her family and to the community, and we hope that together we ca...

Gabby Petito homicide: For Dog the Bounty Hunter, search for Brian Laundrie is personal

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"The reason I went to Mr. [Christopher] Laundrie is I carry a reputation with me," he told Fox News Digital moments later. "The reputation is, ‘He gives you a second chance. He’s gonna get you, but he gives you a sec...