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New Proud Boys indictment adds Syracuse man to US Capitol conspiracy case

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The Justice Department has added a third person to a major federal criminal case that accuses members of the Proud Boys of breaking into the US Capitol on January 6. Matthew Greene of Syracuse, New York, is charged ...

Lackland Air Force Base in Texas new home to 100 unaccompanied migrant boys arriving

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The site has the capacity to care for up to 372 kinders. HHS’ Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) is tasked with caring for migrant children until they are released to an appropriate guardian or sponsor. As of Apr...

Don Lemon pushes back against Brooke Baldwin’s assertion that CNN is a boys’ klub

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Verlede week, Baldwin aired grievances about her employer appearing to favor selecting men over women in positions of authority. "The most influential anchors on our network, the highest-paid, are men. My bosses, my exe...

Joseph Siravo, ‘Sopranos’ and ‘Jersey Boys’ star, dood

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The effervescent performer, who passed his knowledge to others as an acting coach, died following a "courageous" bout with colon cancer, his family relayed to the New York Post on Monday. Siravo portrayed Tony Sopran...

Nick Cannon expecting twin boys with Abby De La Rosa

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Actor and TV presenter Nick Cannon is preparing to welcome his second set of twins into the world. DJ Abby De La Rosa announced on Sunday that she and "Die Gemaskerde Sanger" gasheer -- who already shares 9-year-old twin...

In bid to avoid jail, Proud Boys leader claims he was in contact with FBI years before Capitol riot

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Joseph Biggs, a Proud Boys leader who is charged with conspiracy related to the January 6 opstand, claims the FBI had checked in on him several times in recent years, according to a new defense filing arguing t...

Dallas convention center to be used to shelter migrant teenage boys

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The Biden administration plans to use a convention center in Dallas to hold more than 2,000 migrant teenagers, according to a Department of Homeland Security official and a city memo obtained by CNN. The Kay Bailey ...

Why Burna Boy’s Grammy Award is a ‘big win for Africaand its music stars

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It was second time lucky for Afrobeats star Burna Boy who landed a Grammy award for his album 'Twice As Tall' at the ceremony held on Sunday. Burna, real name Damini Ogulu, missed out to veteran Beninese singer, 'N ...

Proud Boys nominated man to hold ‘war powersand lead January 6 aanval, Ministerie van Justisie sê

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Federal prosecutors say a Seattle-area resident was nominated to have "war powers" to lead the Proud Boys on January 6, as they continue to allege that members of the Trump-supporting extremist group were prepping, ...

The new slang teens use to insult boys who are ‘too niceto girls

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Shannon was used to her socially awkward son being bullied by other boys at the private school he attends in Atlanta. But when she picked him up from school in mid-January and her eighth grader told her he was bein...

Feds investigated Roger Stone ties to Proud Boys as part of possible threat to judge

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Federal prosecutors investigated some of the Proud Boys, including their leader Enrique Tarrio, and their ties to longtime Trump confidant Roger Stone, in a previously undisclosed criminal probe in 2019 into whether...

Five people associated with Proud Boys arrested for Capitol riot on conspiracy charges

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The Justice Department unsealed conspiracy charges against five people associated with the Proud Boys on Thursday in the latest and largest move against the far-right group's coordinated role in the insurrection las...

DOJ en Huisbestuurders hou nie van regs Proud Boys nie’ rol in die Capitol-aanval

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In die federale ondersoek na die Proud Boys en hul rol in die Capitol-opstand, die Ministerie van Justisie agtervolg verskeie lede van die organisasie en redeneer die afgelope dae in die hof dat die groep ...

Regter stem in om die prominente Proud Boys-leier vry te laat wat tereg staan ​​op Capitol-onluste

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'N Federale regter in Seattle het Maandag besluit dat 'n Proud Boys-leier aan die Weskus, Ethan Nordean, moet vrygelaat word hangende verhoor, selfs nadat federale aanklaers gewaarsku het dat hy met die Proud Boys kan koördineer..

Kanada sal die Proud Boys-beweging as 'n terroristegroep noem

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Ottawa, Kanada Kanada het Woensdag aangekondig dat die Proud Boys saam met 'n terroriste-eenheid aangewys sal word 12 ander groepe. Die Proud Boys word as 'n "ideologies gemotiveerde gewelddadige ekstremistiese groep" ...

Michigan county commissioner pulls gun out during virtual meeting when resident asked board to denounce Proud Boys

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A Grand Traverse County commissioner in Michigan got up and grabbed a gun during a board Webex meeting while a local woman asked board members to denounce the Proud Boys, video from the meeting shows. Keli MacIntos...

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