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The Wanted’s Tom Parker celebrates ‘significant reductionin size of brain tumor

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British singer Tom Parker, best known for being part of popular boy band The Wanted, has told fans there has been a "significant reduction" in the size of his inoperable brain tumor. The 32-year-old said in October ...

Muere la presentadora de noticias de Atlanta Jovita Moore meses después del diagnóstico de cáncer cerebral

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La presentadora de noticias de Atlanta, Jovita Moore, murió el jueves por la noche en 53 después de una batalla de meses contra el cáncer, WSB anunció el viernes por la mañana. "Jovita murió durante la noche, siete meses después de haber sido diagnosticado con un agravamiento..

'Idolo Americano’ contestant asks for donations to help pay for brain cancer treatment, second surgery

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El cantante, 26, appeared on Season 15 de "idolo Americano" en 2016, where she was eliminated after making it to the top 24 semifinals. En noviembre, she revealed that she was experiencing seizures. Now it seems her situ...

Being a better listener for your loved ones might protect their brain health, hallazgos del estudio

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Can you count on anyone to listen to you when you need to talk? Si es así, your brain might be more resilient in the face of any future age- or disease-related changes, according to a study published Monday in the journ...

Parasite found in undercooked meat linked with risk of rare brain cancer

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A common parasite people get from contaminated water and undercooked meat may be associated with rare brain cancers, investigadores informaron el lunes. They found evidence that people infected with Toxoplasma gondii, or T...

Clay Travis va tras el especial de Netflix de Colin Kaepernick: Está claro que su cerebro está "totalmente roto’

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Kaepernick liberado "Colin de negro & blanco" que exploró la vida de la ex estrella de la NFL desde la escuela secundaria hasta los eventos que supuestamente lo llevaron a convertirse en un defensor de la justicia social. Un clip viral mostró a Kaeper ...

Maria Menounosmother Litsa dies after battling brain cancer: ‘Christ is risen mom’

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The TV personally took to Instagram on Sunday where she shared a black-and-white photo of mother and daughter during one of their final moments together. "RIP mom," captioned the 42-year-old. "God loved her so much h...

North Carolina child dies from rare brain infection linked to swim in private pond

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The illness took the child's life Friday following a swim in a pond near her home earlier this month, the state Department of Health and Human Resources said. The amoeba that caused the sickness is naturally present ...

Feds charge woman allegedly heard during Capitol riot saying she was looking for Pelosi ‘to shoot her in the frigginbrain

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Federal prosecutors charged a woman in connection to the January 6 riot at the US Capitol in Washington who they say can be heard on video making violent remarks about House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. La mujer, Dawn Ban...

Nick Cannon mourns loss of his youngest child to a brain tumor

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Television host and actor Nick Cannon shared with his talk show audience on Tuesday that his youngest child, Zen, ha muerto. "Over the weekend I lost my youngest son to a condition called hydrocephalus that was prett...

Any amount of alcohol can harm the brain, estudio sugiere

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The preliminary findings from Oxford University were recently posted to medRxiv ahead of peer review, drawing on clinical data and imaging samples from over 25,000 adults in the U.K. Biobank study. Subjects were aged...

Wisconsin man shocked to discover a brain washed up on the beach

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A Wisconsin man strolling along the beach was stunned after discovering an animal brain wrapped in aluminum foil that had washed up on the shore. James Senda was hunting for sea glass Tuesday at Samuel Myers Park in...

Tom Coughlin reveals wife Judy diagnosed with ‘uncommon brain disorderin gut-wrenching essay

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Coughlin, 74, made the revelation Tuesday in The New York Times. He wrote Judy was diagnosed with progressive supranuclear palsy in 2020. According to the Mayo Clinic, the illness is an "uncommon brain disorder that ...

Neanderthal genes can change clusters of human brain tissue, scientists find

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Brains are not preserved in the fossil record, making it impossible to know how modern human brains differ from our long-extinct ancestors, the Neanderthals. From fossilized skulls we know that their brains were bi...

Nick Cannon’s 5-month-old son dead after battling brain cancer

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The TV and radio show host announced on "The Nick Cannon Show" that his youngest son, Zen, died over the weekend after battling brain cancer. Cannon and Alyssa Scott welcomed the baby boy in June. Zen was Cannon's s...

‘General Hospital’ star Kirsten Storms reveals she’s recovering from brain surgery: ‘Sorry for the shock

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los "General Hospital" actress took to her Instagram on Friday, showing herself in a neck brace during a ride home with her friend Emme Rylan, who is also an actress. "Asi que, [He] not really spoken about this much or ...

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