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Fallen Baltimore firefighters honored for heroism, ‘braveryas city mourns ‘heartbreaking’ tragedia

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Baltimore Fire Lt. Paul Butrim and Firefighters Kelsey Sadler and Kenneth Lacayo died in the line of duty Monday while responding to an early morning fire that devolved into a partial building collapse on South Stric...

A bravery award named after known racist gets new name to honor 9/11 eroe

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The New York City Fire Department announced the renaming of a department medal of valor, citando il "deeply racist beliefs" of the award's first namesake. The James Gordon Bennett Medal first awarded in 1869 was na...

L'adolescente che ha scatenato un movimento globale con il suo video degli ultimi momenti di George Floyd riceve un premio per il suo coraggio

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L'impulso di Darnella Frazier di tirare fuori il cellulare e battere il record a maggio 25 ha avuto un impatto profondo. La diciassettenne si era avventurata al negozio con il cugino più giovane quel giorno quando ha visto un uomo ammanettato e ...

A new children’s book about Wuhan’s coronavirus whistleblower teaches bravery

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New York (CNN Business)A new children's book called "Doctor Li and The Crown-Wearing Virus" is the origin story of Doctor Li Wenliang, who first raised the alarm that a novel coronavirus was spreading in Wuhan, China...

Texas Democrat criticized over tweet praising her own bravery for fleeing to DC

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State Rep. Michelle Beckley, un democratico, joined over 50 of her colleagues earlier this month to flee Texas to deny a quorum on GOP voting bills. She took to Twitter Tuesday night to appeal for support as she tries to...