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‘Breaking point’: Why the red state/blue city conflict is peaking over masks

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Political and population trends are colliding as the steadily escalating tension between red states and their blue cities across the Sun Belt is reaching a breaking point over the volatile issue of school masking. F ...

Andrew Yang is ‘breaking upwith the Democratic Party and is now an independent

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Washington Andrew Yang, who unsuccessfully sought the 2020 presidential nomination and New York mayoralty this year as a Democrat, said Monday he is "breaking up" with the Democratic Party and has registered as an in...

Portland restaurant owner says city at ‘breaking pointwith property damage, abuse becoming ‘daily norm

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Murray said on "jakkals & Vriende" that her restaurant only offers outdoor seating due to the pandemic, which has led to additional issues. She said people with mental illnesses often wander outside her restaurant, O ...

Rihanna urges ‘resolvefor Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ‘My heart is breaking

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The singer called for "oplos" for the conflict that has seen casualties on both sides. "My heart is breaking with the violence I'm seeing displayed between Israel and Palestine! I can't bare (sic) to see it," she w...

Saginaw Grant, the prolific Native American actor known for ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘The Lone Ranger,’ dood by 85

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Grant died peacefully in his sleep of natural causes on Wednesday at a private care facility in Hollywood, Kalifornië, said Lani Carmichael, Grant’s publicist and longtime friend. "He loved both Oklahoma and L.A.," C ...

Kevin McCarthy: Biden eviction ban waging war on small businesses and ‘breaking the constitution

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"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech noted to McCarthy, R-Kalifornië., that Biden expressed he knew his executive action is likely unconstitutional but issued it anyway. "They have never really had a problem flouting th...

Grensburgers in Texas maak alarm oor COVID -migrantekrisis, ramp verklaar: Ons is op 'n 'breekpunt'’

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McAllen, Die burgemeester van Texas, Javier Villalobos, het Vrydag gesê sy stad is op 'n "breekpunt" en uiteindelik besluit hy om 'n noodverklaring uit te reik om 'n "tent stad" vir die massiewe toestroming van migrante. ...