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'Punto di rottura': Perché il conflitto tra stato rosso e città blu sta raggiungendo l'apice per le maschere?

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Le tendenze politiche e demografiche si stanno scontrando mentre la tensione in costante escalation tra gli stati rossi e le loro città blu attraverso la cintura del sole sta raggiungendo un punto di rottura sulla questione volatile del mascheramento scolastico. F ...

Texas border mayors sound alarm on COVID migrant crisis, declare disaster: We’re at a ‘breaking point

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McAllen, Texas Mayor Major Javier Villalobos said Friday that his town was at a "breaking point" and he ultimately decided to issue an emergency declaration to build a "tent city" for the massive influx of migrants. ...

Kevin McCarthy: Biden eviction ban waging war on small businesses and ‘breaking the constitution

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"Fox News Primetime" host Ben Domenech noted to McCarthy, R-Calif., that Biden expressed he knew his executive action is likely unconstitutional but issued it anyway. "They have never really had a problem flouting th...

Saginaw Grant, the prolific Native American actor known for ‘Breaking Bad,’ ‘The Lone Ranger,’ morto a 85

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Grant died peacefully in his sleep of natural causes on Wednesday at a private care facility in Hollywood, California, said Lani Carmichael, Grant’s publicist and longtime friend. "He loved both Oklahoma and L.A.," C ...

Rihanna urges ‘resolvefor Israeli-Palestinian conflict: ‘My heart is breaking

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The singer called for "risolvere" for the conflict that has seen casualties on both sides. "My heart is breaking with the violence I'm seeing displayed between Israel and Palestine! I can't bare (sic) to see it," she w...