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Louisville police department gets harsh rebuke in new report commissioned after Breonna Taylor’s killing

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The Louisville Metro Police Department received a harsh rebuke in a new study commissioned by the city in the wake of the police killing of Breonna Taylor last year. The department is ridden with low morale and is ...

Three Breonna Taylor grand jurors among petitioners seeking to impeach Kentucky attorney general

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Three former grand jurors are among the "concerned Kentucky citizens" petitioning the Kentucky Legislature to impeach state Attorney General Daniel Cameron, according to Kevin Glogower, one of the attorneys represen...

Voormalige polisiehoof in Atlanta, wat die polisie in die Louisville-metropolisie sou lei na die dood van Breonna Taylor

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Voormalige polisiehoof in Atlanta, Erika Shields, wat uitgetree het nadat 'n beampte 'n man doodgeskiet het na 'n stryd in 'n Wendy-parkeerterrein, sal nou die Louisville Metropolisie-afdeling lei, wat nog steeds is ...

Petitions for George Floyd and Breonna Taylor are the most signed pleas of all time at

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It's been a challenging year: a global pandemic claimed millions of lives, a national reckoning on race put a spotlight on police brutality in minority communities and a fraught presidential race dragged on for days...

Breonna Taylor se ma doen 'n beroep op Joe Biden om sy belofte van die polisie se aanspreeklikheid na te kom

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Breonna Taylor se ma, Tamika Palmer, wil die gekose president se aandag trek. Palmer het 'n ope brief aan die uitverkore president Joe Biden geskryf in 'n volledige bladsy-advertensie wat in 'n weekedag van die Washington Post verskyn het..

Kentucky board denies request from Breonna Taylor’s family for special prosecutor

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The Kentucky Prosecutors Advisory Council declined to appoint a special prosecutor in the case of Breonna Taylor's March death in a botched police raid, according to a report by CNN affiliate WDRB. Taylor's mother,...

Congresswoman-elect shocked by Republicans calling her ‘Breonnabecause of her Breonna Taylor mask

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Washington Congresswoman-elect Cori Bush said Monday evening she was stunned and "seergemaak" when some Republicans addressed her as "Breonna" during new member orientation at the Capitol because she was wearing a mask wit...

Die kantoor van Kentucky AG en beampte in Breonna Taylor-aanval voer albei aan dat ondersoekmateriaal van die publiek gehou word

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Die kantoor van die prokureur-generaal van Kentucky en 'n prokureur vir die voormalige polisiebeampte wat aangekla word vir sy optrede in verband met die klopjag wat Breonna Taylor doodgemaak het, het albei Woensdag aangevoer om ondersoekmateriaal te hou..

Green Bay Packers’ Za'Darius Smith onthul 'Rus in die hemel Breonna Taylor’ boodskap na 'n sak

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Za'Darius Smith, lynstaanspeler van Green Bay Packers, het sy steun vir Breonna Taylor getoon ná 'n groot spel in die oorwinning Maandagaand oor die Atlanta Falcons. Smith trek sy onderrok af om die boodskap te openbaar "Rus in Hea ...

Megan Thee Stallion slammed Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron on her ‘SNLperformance for his decision in the Breonna Taylor case

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Musical guest Megan Thee Stallion used her "Saturday Night Live" performance to call out Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron for his decision in the Breonna Taylor case. During her performance of her hit "Savag...

Opera singer pays tribute to Breonna Taylor

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Like many, Davóne Tines said he has spent the past few months feeling both hopeless and sad as he listened to news of Black people being killed at the hands of police. The devastation hit especially hard as he learn...

Vice News releases body camera video that purports to show moments after officers raided Breonna Taylor’s apartment

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New body camera footage obtained by Vice News purportedly shows what happened on March 13 in the moments after Louisville Metro Police officers raided the home of Breonna Taylor, who was shot and killed. One video s...

Kentucky’s only Black female legislator arrested in Breonna Taylor protest

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Kentucky state Rep. Attica Scott, the state's only Black female legislator, was among 24 people arrested Thursday by the Louisville Metro Police Department during Breonna Taylor protests, the Democratic lawmaker con...

Charles Barkley is taking heat for his Breonna Taylor comments

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Basketball legend and NBA analyst Charles Barkley is taking some heat following his comments on the grand jury's decision on charges in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor. "I don't think this one was like George F...

As ESPN went to commercial, commentator Jalen Rose urged, ‘Arrest the cops that murdered Breonna Taylor

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ESPN analyst Jalen Rose joined a growing list of celebrities, politicians and athletes weighing in amid national frustration and anger that none of the three officers involved in Breonna Taylor's death were charged ...

Athletes express disappointment over Breonna Taylor decision

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Athletes -- many who have used their platforms to take stances against police brutality over the past few months -- expressed their disappointment Wednesday after a grand jury in Louisville, Kentucky, decided not to...

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