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Brian Kilmeade: Biden lacks the all the qualities of a strong president

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BRIAN KILMEADE: We all know the qualities of a strong leader, a strong president – someone who takes responsibility for their actions, true to their convictions, whatever they are, is not afraid to admit when they've...

NFL schedule 2022: Brian Flores returns to play Dolphins in Miami

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It’s not just because both teams will be in the thick of fights for their own divisions, but it will also be Brian Flores’ first return to Hard Rock Stadium since he was fired by the Dolphins, sparking his racial dis...

Il presidente George W.. Bush to appear at event for Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp, opponent of Trump-backed Purdue

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The fundraiser will be held at the Texas home of real estate developer Harlan Crow, Riferito Politico. Bush is listed as a "special guest," diceva il rapporto. Tickets for a V.I.P. reception are listed at $ 15,200, wh ...

Brian Stelter suggests worrying about crime is part of a ‘Republican narrative

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GOP strategist Kristen Soltis Anderson joined Stelter to talk about "the disconnect between the press and the public." Stelter referenced the results of the New York Times focus groups, which Soltis Anderson helped c...

CNN+ collapse: Insiders, critics doubted service all along as Brian Stelter ponders if it was a ‘success’

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"I defy you to find any reasonable person who ever believed that viewers would pay extra money for the dregs of CNN when it was competing for their wallets with Netflix and Disney Plus," a former CNN producer told Fo...

Brian Kilmeade: Democrats are letting the most aggressive criminals run free

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BRIAN KILMEADE: America's coming out of a bloody Easter weekend where cities across the country were rocked by mass shootings and street violence. While Democrats are proving once again that they are more than willin...

Stacey Abrams loses bid to use same Georgia fundraising law that benefits Gov. Brian Kemp

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A federal judge ruled Thursday that a fundraising committee associated with Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams' campaign cannot begin raising unlimited campaign contributions. Abrams and One Georgia, t ...

Yankees’ Brian Cashman opens up on failed Aaron Judge negotiations: ‘We entered with a legit effort

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The two sides had set an opening day deadline to get a deal done, but negotiations never yielded the deal either side was hoping for. Cashman appeared on WFAN Sports Radio on Monday and talked more about what happene...

Brian Stelter fails to ask The Atlantic journalist about their controversial Hunter Biden comments

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At this event, Applebaum was asked by college freshman and Chicago Thinker journalist Daniel Schmidt about the media's culpability in refusing to cover the laptop story when it first broke, weeks before the 2020 pres...

Joe Concha rips Brian Stelter’s non-answer to college freshman: ‘Who can defend the indefensible?’

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BRIAN STELTER DEFENDS MEDIA NOT COVERING HUNTER BIDEN IN 2020, SAYS CRITICS DON'T KNOW ‘HOW NEWSROOMS WORK’ JOE CONCHA: For a conference tackling disinformation, there is certainly a ton of disinformation being shove...

Una tragica storia dell'Ucraina raccontata con i droni 2020, Una tragica storia dell'Ucraina raccontata con i droni’

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"Una tragica storia dell'Ucraina raccontata con i droni, Una tragica storia dell'Ucraina raccontata con i droni, Una tragica storia dell'Ucraina raccontata con i droni.

Steelers’ Mike Tomlin explains Brian Flores hire amid lawsuit

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Flores accused the parties of racial discrimination after he was fired by the Miami Dolphins, missed out on getting the New York Giants job and felt he had been wronged by the Denver Broncos in 2019 during his interv...

Brian Kilmeade: Psaki plays ‘clean-upafter Biden’s ‘high-stakescall with China

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BRIAN KILMEADE: President Biden held what was billed as a high-stakes call about 9 a.m. eastern with President Xi of China, the topic, oh I don't know, determining what role China was playing in back-filling Russia d...

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores says team is trying to push racial discrimination lawsuit out of court

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An attorney for former Miami head coach Brian Flores said Wednesday that the team is trying to press the NFL to have his racial discrimination claims against the Dolphins heard out of court and "pushed into a secret...

Brian Flores wants lawsuit against NFL heard in court

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Flores’ lawyer sent a letter to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Wednesday, urging him to turn down Miami’s request and have the case settled in court. CLICCA QUI PER MAGGIORE COPERTURA SPORTIVA . "Arbitration is not ...

49ers hire Brian Griese as QBs coach: fonte

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A person familiar with the move said Friday that Griese will leave the "Calcio del lunedì sera" booth to join coach Kyle Shanahan's staff. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the team hadn't announced t...