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White House press briefing interrupted by flyover for new WWI memorial

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Low-flying F-22 Raptors momentarily interrupted the White House press briefing on Friday as their roar could be heard and felt in buildings in and around downtown Washington. While describing President Joe Biden's u...

Suspected terrorists apprehended at Southern border: McCarthy requests classified FBI, CIA briefing

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Questa settimana, Protezione delle dogane e della frontiera (CBP) announced that two Yemeni men had been apprehended and identified on a terror watch list in the El Centro Sector in California in the last two months. The first arrest, ...

I problemi tecnici danno il via al primo briefing Covid virtuale dell'amministrazione Biden

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Mercoledì il primo briefing Covid-19 dell'amministrazione Biden è partito male con molteplici difficoltà tecniche. L'amministrazione ha ripetutamente pubblicizzato la loro trasparenza in mezzo all'enorme ...

White House press secretary’s husband attends briefing without a mask

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White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany's husband Sean Gilmartin attended a press briefing at the White House Wednesday afternoon without a mask and ignored a request from a journalist to put one on. As McEnany...

White House ordered to make live sign language interpretation during coronavirus briefing available to TV networks

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A federal judge on Wednesday ordered the White House to include a sign-language interpreter in its video feed of coronavirus briefings beginning October 1. The order means live video feeds available to TV networks ...

Trump baselessly questions climate science during California wildfire briefing

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President Donald Trump on Monday baselessly asserted that climate change is not playing a role in the catastrophic wildfires overtaking forests across the west, rebutting an official briefing him who pleaded for the...