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British Gymnastics faces legal action over alleged ‘systemic physical and psychological abuse

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Seventeen former British gymnasts, including three Olympians, have notified British Gymnastics of their intention to take legal action, alleging coaches subjected them to "systemic physical and psychological abuse,"...

British aristocrat sentenced to 10 months in prison for sexual assault at his castle

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London A relative of Queen Elizabeth II has been jailed for 10 months for sexual assault, after forcing his way into a woman's bedroom and attacking her at his Scottish castle last year. Simon Bowes-Lyon, the Earl of...

British veterans, discharged for being gay under historic law, allowed to get their medals back

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London Gay and bisexual British veterans who were stripped of their medals because of their sexuality will now be able to reclaim them, the UK government has said, as it admitted the pre-2000 policy was an "historica...

A British teenager fell into a 10-month coma before the pandemic. Now he’s waking up in a new world

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London Joseph Flavill slipped out of one world and woke up in another. On March 1, 2020, when the 19-year-old was struck by a car in Staffordshire, Inghilterra centrale, the United Kingdom had recorded just 23 cases of a ...

British royal family documentary, ‘bannedfor decades, is leaked onto YouTube

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London An infamous 1969 fly-on-the-wall documentary about the British royal family, supposedly banned by Queen Elizabeth II for decades for giving the public an overly intimate view of the royals, has been mysterious...

British broadcaster David Attenborough receives Covid-19 vaccine

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Naturalist and TV host David Attenborough has received the first dose of the Covid-19 vaccine, his representative confirmed to CNN on Tuesday. The 94-year-old is a national treasure in the UK, best known for making ...

Michael Apted, Regista e documentarista britannico, muore a 79

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Il regista e documentarista britannico Michael Apted è morto giovedì notte a Los Angeles all'età di 79, la Directors Guild of America (DGA) annunciato in un comunicato venerdì. Nessun dettaglio sulla sua morte è stato immediato..

12 celebrities who turned down a British honor

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London Twice a year, the UK publishes its honors list recognizing those who have accomplished excellence in a spectrum of pursuits, including both celebrities and non-famous faces. This year Formula 1 champion Lewis ...

I reali britannici accusati di aver infranto i regolamenti sul coronavirus durante la gita in famiglia

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Membri della famiglia reale britannica sono stati fotografati apparentemente in violazione delle normative britanniche sul coronavirus durante una gita in un parco a Sandringham, Inghilterra. I reali, compreso il Duca e la Duchessa di Cambridge e ...

Donna britannica scompare durante un'escursione nella catena montuosa dei Pirenei

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A British hiker has gone missing during a solo trip in the Pyrenees mountain range on the border between France and Spain. Esther Dingley, 37, è stato visto l'ultima volta a novembre 22, according to a Facebook post from her part...

Il diplomatico britannico salva uno studente che sta annegando in Cina

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Un diplomatico britannico è stato salutato come un eroe dopo aver salvato sabato uno studente universitario che sta annegando nel sud-ovest della Cina. Stephen Ellison, 61, il console generale britannico a Chongqing, stava camminando lungo un fiume nelle vicinanze ...

L'infermiera britannica accusata dell'omicidio di otto bambini appare in tribunale

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Un'infermiera britannica è comparsa in tribunale accusata di otto capi di omicidio e 10 conteggi di tentato omicidio a seguito di un'indagine su una serie di bambini morti in un ospedale nel Cheshire, Inghilterra nordoccidentale. Lu ...

A British supermarket launched a chicken nugget into space

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Astronauts, chimpanzees and now a chicken nugget. Scientists have launched plenty of people and things into space, but a British supermarket is the first to send up a piece of breaded protein. To celebrate its 50th...

Businessman Zef Eisenberg dies while trying to break British land speed record

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London Businessman and TV host Zef Eisenberg has died while attempting to break a British land speed record at an airfield in the UK, police have confirmed. The founder of health supplement firm Maximuscle, Eisenberg...

Il principe britannico riceve un dente di squalo fossilizzato dal naturalista David Attenborough

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Il naturalista londinese ed emittente televisiva veterana David Attenborough ha regalato al principe George un souvenir prezioso: un dente di squalo gigante fossilizzato che ha scoperto a Malta più di 50 anni fa. Il giovane reale, 7, r ...

A British teenager staged a sit-in on an Arctic ice floe to protest climate change

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A British teenager has staged a protest against climate change inside the Arctic Circle. In the world's most northerly climate strike, Mya-Rose Craig, a passionate ornithologist and nature, climate and equal rights...