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Adele criticized over Brits award speech after saying she loves ‘being a woman

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The new category replaced the separate best female and best male artist categories from previous Brits ward shows. It is unclear what caused the Brits to change the name of the award category and a representative did...

US benefits from federalism amid global autocratic shift, while Brits, Australians ‘have nowhere to go’: Zuby

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In addition to his music, Zuby, born Nzube Udezue, has garnered a large following on both sides of the Atlantic through his social media channels where he provides a more classical liberal take on current events than...

Biden refuses to call on US reporters while UK’s Boris Johnson holds court with Brits

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After a brief conversation with Biden that touched on issues ranging from climate change and transport infrastructure to lifting the ban on British beef, Johnson opened the floor for reporters from his home country. ...

Brits win 10M synchro, no golden sweep for China’s divers

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Daley and Matty Lee of Britain narrowly won the 10-meter synchronized diving on Monday at the Tokyo Olympics, upsetting favored China and keeping the diving powerhouse from any chance of a golden sweep. Daley and Lee...

Taylor Swift becomes first woman to win BRITs Global Icon award

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Taylor Swift is preparing to make history as the first woman to be awarded the Global Icon prize at the BRIT awards. The pop superstar will be given the prestigious award at the annual ceremony, which will take pla...

Brits won’t welcome Prince Harry home, says Brexit leader Nigel Farage

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Brexit leader Nigel Farage yanked up his welcome mat in a tweet slamming Harry and wife Meghan Markle for their terse statement on the death of Prince Philip Friday at age 99. "For a couple that do public emotion as ...