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Trump endorses Mo Brooks in Alabama Senate race

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"Mo Brooks has my Complete and Total Endorsement for the U.S. Senate representing the Great State of Alabama. He will never let you down!" the former president wrote in a statement released by Save America, Trump's l...

Trump endorses Republican ally Mo Brooks for Alabama Senate

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Former President Donald Trump on Wednesday endorsed Rep. Mo Brooks' campaign for US Senate in Alabama, supporting the controversial GOP congressman who stood by him during two impeachments and led the House effort t...

Alonzo Brooks’ dood, whose case was featured on Netflix’s ‘Unsolved Mysteries,’ is ruled a homicide

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The death of Alonzo Brooks, whose body was exhumed in 2020 after Netflix's "Onopgeloste raaisels" series brought his case to the forefront, has been ruled a homicide, federal authorities announced Monday. In 2004, Bro...

Garth Brooks announces he is Covid-19 negative as wife Trisha Yearwood tests positive

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While country legend Garth Brooks has tested negative for Covid-19, his wife Trisha Yearwood has contracted the virus. Brooks announced Wednesday that the couple have been quarantining together at home in Tennessee...

Andrew Brooks, who led development of the first FDA-approved Covid-19 saliva test, sterf by 51

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Andrew Brooks, a research professor at Rutgers University who led the development of the first FDA-approved Covid-19 saliva test, died suddenly on January 23, according to a Rutgers statement. Sy suster, Janet Gree...

Atlanta DA requests an alternative prosecutor for two high-profile cases, including the police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

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The new district attorney in Fulton County, Georgia has asked that the state's attorney general to appoint an alternative prosecutor for two high-profile police use-of-force cases. District Attorney Fani T. Willis ...

Julianne Hough’s estranged husband Brooks Laich says he’s cried a lot since their split

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Hockey star Brooks Laich says he's more in touch with his feelings than ever. Laich, who married Julianne Hough in 2017, spoke about the emotional year he's had with the end of his marriage and the loss of his pets....

The legendary Mel Brooks takes to social media to share his support of Joe Biden

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Comedian and filmmaker Mel Brooks has never made a political video, tot 2020. Brooks' son Max posted an endorsement message from his father to his Twitter account Wednesday. "My pa, @MelBrooks, is 94. He has...