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US troops accidentally storm olive oil factory in Bulgaria

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The US military has issued an apology after soldiers accidentally stormed a factory in Bulgaria that produces processing machinery for olive oil during a training exercise last month. US soldiers of the 173rd Airbor...

Madre de Florida y niños adoptados varados en Bulgaria debido al requisito de la vacuna para viajar

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Amy Dobrikova se unió "zorro & Amigos primero" expresando su frustración por el asunto, diciendo que este no es el "Al estilo americano" a medida que la administración Biden hace que los viajes internacionales para los no vacunados sean más desafiantes..

Por lo menos 46 killed in passenger bus fire in Bulgaria

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Por lo menos 46 people have died after a passenger bus caught fire on a highway in western Bulgaria, según los medios estatales. At least seven people were injured in the incident, which occurred around 3 soy. local time...

Bus crash in Bulgaria kills at least 45 gente

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The bus, registered in North Macedonia, crashed around 2 soy. and there were children among the victims, las autoridades dijeron. Seven people were taken to hospitals for treatment. The cause of the crash was not immediatel...

Keith Kellogg advises Ukraine on who to ask for weapons: ‘Go to Bulgaria, Slovokia and Greece

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Kellogg, formerly the national security advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, remarked that if the West won't let Ukraine have additional MiG fighter jets to fend off Kremlin attackers, they should seek projectile-ba...

EU accuses Russia of ‘blackmailafter it cuts gas to Poland, Bulgaria

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Russian-owned gas giant, Gazprom, said earlier in the day that it had shut off gas to the two EU nations in retaliation for unpaid energy bills for the month of April when they refused to abide by Moscow’s demands an...