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Iron Age warriors were buried with luxury feather bedding

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Iron age warriors were laid to rest in an ancient burial ground complete with feather-stuffed bedding from an array of birds, new research has shown. The Valsgärde burial ground, near Uppsala in central Sweden is re...

Rescuers are searching for a skier buried by an avalanche in Utah

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Rescue teams in Utah began searching Sunday for a skier who was buried by an avalanche Saturday. The skier was one of two who triggered the avalanche in the backcountry in an area known as Square Top outside of reso...

Un cimitero della Louisiana disse alla famiglia di un deputato nero che non poteva essere sepolto lì perché era solo per i bianchi

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Quando Karla Semien andò in un cimitero per scegliere un terreno dove sarebbe stato sepolto il suo defunto marito, era come se fosse tornata indietro negli anni '50. Suo marito Darrell Semien, un vice dello sceriffo per Allen Parish, Louis...

Neanderthal child’s skeleton buried 41,000 years ago may solve long-standing mystery

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Is burying the dead a practice unique to Homo sapiens? Or did other early humans such as Neanderthals lay their loved ones to rest under the earth? It's a topic of long-standing debate among archaeologists. Adesso, evi...

125 million-year-old dinosaur found buried by a volcanic eruption in China

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Archeologists in China have discovered two perfectly preserved fossils of a new 125 million-year-old dinosaur species. The new species of burrowing dinosaur was discovered in the Lujiatun Beds, the oldest layers of ...