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Kate Hudson shares ‘really interestingNSFW calorie burning tip

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los "Music" estrella, 42, has been a longtime supporter of Weight Watchers – now known simply as WW – and is often sharing health and fitness tips with fans. El miércoles, she took to Instagram to do exactly that. "Got ...

Texas police rescue unconscious driver from burning car ‘with only seconds left’: autoridades

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Officers responded to a single-vehicle accident that happened just before 3:00 soy. on Forest Lane in front of the Garland Police Department, la policía dijo. SEATTLE POLICE RESCUE CONVICTED FELON FROM WRECKED CAR BEFORE...

NASA’s JPL and DHS develop tech to help locate firefighters inside burning buildings

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El martes, the agencies announced the development of the Precision Outdoor and Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Emergency Responders (POINTER) sistema, which was devised to help locate and track firefighters inside...

4-Un niño de un año salva la casa de su familia de quemarse después de ver un electrodoméstico en llamas

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A father says his 4-year-old daughter saved the family’s house from burning down when she spotted a fire in the kitchen. Asombrosamente, la joven reaccionó rápidamente y llamó la atención de su padre, who was able to stop ...

Padre sospechoso de quemar hasta la muerte a hijas y nietos en disputa matrimonial en Pakistán

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Lahore, Pakistán: Un padre en Pakistán es sospechoso de matar a sus dos hijas y a sus cuatro hijos al prender fuego a su casa porque una de las mujeres se casó en contra de sus deseos., la policía dijo. Manzoor Hussain i ...

Burning Man still considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for 2021 evento

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los 2020 Burning Man festival was called off due to concerns over the pandemic. Ahora, the organizers are trying to figure out how to make the show happen this year while keeping all attendees safe from the spread of C...

La policía de Arizona investiga un tiroteo mortal en tres escenas del crimen, incluyendo una casa en llamas donde se encontró un cuerpo

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Policía en Tucson, Arizona, están investigando un tiroteo mortal en tres escenas diferentes del crimen, incluida una casa en llamas donde se encontró un cuerpo carbonizado el domingo. El tiroteo comenzó en un parque., no f...

South Carolina man sentenced to 28 years in prison for leaving 19-month-old daughter to die in burning car

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A South Carolina man was sentenced to 28 years in prison Tuesday after he fled from a burning car and left his 19-month-old daughter to die in the blaze in order to escape a police chase, according to a news release...

Burning Man canceled for second year in a row over coronavirus concerns

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"Although here in the United States we may be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel brightening, we are still in the pandemic, and the uncertainties that need to be resolved are impossible...

Upstate New York cop hailed a hero after rescuing family from burning home

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Officer Mark Conklin was alerted to a possible house fire in Jamestown, sobre 70 miles southwest of Buffalo. He ran to the scene and found at least five occupants inside the building, the Jamestown Police Department ...

A Connecticut teen saves the lives of a mom and three children by pulling them from a burning car

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A Connecticut teenager was walking down the street when he saw something that made his heart sink. A small SUV covered in flames drove past him -- he could see a little girl out the car window. The Waterbury Police ...

Warriors coach Steve Kerr’s desire for winning still burning hot

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Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who has gone through the trials and tribulations with the team over the last few seasons, told The Athletic in an interview published Thursday the desire to win championships is still as ho...

Georgia police save unconscious woman trapped in burning car, muestra de video

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Seven officers with the Savannah Police Department responded to the scene of a crash at 11:45 pm. Monday and observed flames spouting from the hood of a 1998 Lincoln Town car, el departamento dijo. PHOENIX POLICE SAV...

Minneapolis business owner who cheered rioters burning down restaurant has van stolen, new business robbed

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Ruhel Islam, an immigrant who grew up under a Bangladeshi dictatorship, said someone took the stolen van to his new restaurant, Curry In A Hurry, from in front of his home then used the keys left inside the truck to ...

Black man’s body found burning in a ditch in Iowa

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A Black man whose burning body was found in a ditch in rural Iowa has been identified as a local grandfather. Justo después de 5:30 pm. El miércoles, septiembre 16, authorities received a report of a fire in a roadside ...

Hombre Ardiente o Máscaras Ardientes? Tucker Carlson sugiere un reemplazo de la era COVID para el icónico festival

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TUCKER CARLSON: Las personas que organizan el evento del Hombre Ardiente en Nevada acaban de anunciar que no se reunirán este año., tienen demasiado miedo a COVID. Obviamente, eso es una mala noticia si te gusta la pintura corporal y la interpretación..

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