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La policía de Arizona investiga un tiroteo mortal en tres escenas del crimen, incluyendo una casa en llamas donde se encontró un cuerpo

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Policía en Tucson, Arizona, están investigando un tiroteo mortal en tres escenas diferentes del crimen, incluida una casa en llamas donde se encontró un cuerpo carbonizado el domingo. El tiroteo comenzó en un parque., no f...

4-Un niño de un año salva la casa de su familia de quemarse después de ver un electrodoméstico en llamas

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A father says his 4-year-old daughter saved the family’s house from burning down when she spotted a fire in the kitchen. Asombrosamente, la joven reaccionó rápidamente y llamó la atención de su padre, who was able to stop ...

Kate Hudson shares ‘really interestingNSFW calorie burning tip

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los "Music" estrella, 42, has been a longtime supporter of Weight Watchers – now known simply as WW – and is often sharing health and fitness tips with fans. El miércoles, she took to Instagram to do exactly that. "Got ...

Hero cops draw women’s attention after dramatic rescue of Austin man from burning truck

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And a group of women on Instagram is fawning over two hero cops from Austin who went viral after pulling an injured man out of a burning truck in Texas Monday. "Good work," wrote @dawn.weathersbee. "And those two can...

Kansas man nabbed in cold case murder of Texas woman whose body was found burning in the woods

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En marzo 17, 1983, the sheriff's office said a deputy who was patrolling along Interstate 45 investigated a fire burning in a wooded area east of his location, according to a release. MINNESOTA POLICE ARREST HUSBAND ...

Cat jumps from fifth floor of burning building, bounces and strolls away

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A Chicago cat used up at least one of its nine lives on Thursday when it leaped from the fifth story of a burning building, bounced off the ground and casually walked away. Fire crews were attending a small blaze in...

Cat leaps from window of burning building in Chicagoand sticks the landing

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The fire broke out in the afternoon at a multi-story building in the city's Englewood neighborhood, according to fire officials. Firefighters responded to the blaze, which was contained to one unit, and promptly exti...

Arizona good Samaritans talk about saving trooper from burning car last month

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"I could hear somebody screaming for help," one of the helpers, Carolee Ervien, said at a news conference. "So I ran to him and … realized it was the trooper." "I reached for the handle and it wasn’t moving," she con...

Hombre Ardiente o Máscaras Ardientes? Tucker Carlson sugiere un reemplazo de la era COVID para el icónico festival

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TUCKER CARLSON: Las personas que organizan el evento del Hombre Ardiente en Nevada acaban de anunciar que no se reunirán este año., tienen demasiado miedo a COVID. Obviamente, eso es una mala noticia si te gusta la pintura corporal y la interpretación..

Georgia police save unconscious woman trapped in burning car, muestra de video

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Seven officers with the Savannah Police Department responded to the scene of a crash at 11:45 pm. Monday and observed flames spouting from the hood of a 1998 Lincoln Town car, el departamento dijo. PHOENIX POLICE SAV...

Burning Man canceled for second year in a row over coronavirus concerns

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"Although here in the United States we may be feeling the weight lifting and the light at the end of the tunnel brightening, we are still in the pandemic, and the uncertainties that need to be resolved are impossible...

Burning Man still considering mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for 2021 evento

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los 2020 Burning Man festival was called off due to concerns over the pandemic. Ahora, the organizers are trying to figure out how to make the show happen this year while keeping all attendees safe from the spread of C...

NASA’s JPL and DHS develop tech to help locate firefighters inside burning buildings

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El martes, the agencies announced the development of the Precision Outdoor and Indoor Navigation and Tracking for Emergency Responders (POINTER) sistema, which was devised to help locate and track firefighters inside...

A Wisconsin firefighter was shot after heat from a burning building discharges loaded firearm inside, the fire department says

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A Wisconsin firefighter is in critical condition Tuesday after a loaded firearm inside a burning building discharged and struck him, according to the fire department. Justin Frederickson, a firefighter with the Corn...

Doorbell camera captures a woman saving her neighbors from their burning home

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Nicole Salgado and her family woke up on New Year's Day to frantic knocking at the front door of their home in Avondale, Arizona. Her house was on fire, and she didn't know it. "We were all asleep," Salgado told CN...

Proud Boys leader arrested for allegedly burning Black Lives Matter banner at DC church

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The leader of the Proud Boys, Enrique "Enrique" Tarrio, was arrested Monday in Washington, corriente continua, for allegedly burning a Black Lives Matter banner taken from a Black church last month during protests in the city after a...