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California’s largest wildfire of the year burns near Yosemite

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The number of personnel assigned to fight the blaze jumped from 403 aan 2,093 in die verlede 24 hours as the fire has become one of the state's largest. "Any spots that are flying, if they do, land into the fuels. Thos...

California’s rapidly growing Oak Fire engulfs homes near Yosemite National Park as it burns more than 15,000 hektaar

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As thousands of residents were forced to flee a booming wildfire outside California's Yosemite National Park over the weekend, some learned their homes had completely collapsed into ash and debris. Since the Oak Fir...

California’s fast-moving Oak Fire burns more than 6,000 acres and forces evacuations outside Yosemite National Park

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A wildfire raging for a second day Saturday in central California's Mariposa County outside Yosemite National Park has burned more than 6,500 acres and forced evacuations of rural communities, brandweer amptenare gesê. T ...

NY man cycling to all 50 states burns his tent down in Michigan: ‘I tried not to panic

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Barnes, 52, of Syracuse, New York, burned his tent down a few days after he visited Lansing, Michigan — which was capital no. 38 for him. "It’s absolutely incredible that I didn’t get hurt," Barnes told Fox News Digi...

A Florida officer is charged after a botched arrest resulted in an explosion that left a suspect with burns over much of his body

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A Florida deputy and a suspect are facing charges in relation to a botched arrest earlier this year in which an explosion allegedly set off by a Taser left the suspect with burns over much of his body, Osceola Count...

1 firefighter injured and 19 structures damaged as wildfire burns about 850 acres south of Albuquerque, New Mexico

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A New Mexico wildfire, dubbed the Big Hole fire, has scorched approximately 850 acres as of Tuesday afternoon, according to Valencia County officials. At least one firefighter suffered a minor burn injury Monday and...

‘Benjamin Franklinoffers Ken Burnslatest deep dive into US history

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There's something comforting about Ken Burns' PBS documentaries dealing with subjects that predate video, since the filmmaker, unlike most of the industry, eschews dramatic reenactments in favor of a low-tech approa...

KFC burns Mercedes F1 team with Kentucky fried tweet

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A photo of Mercedes-AMG Petronas F1 team principal Toto Wolff ducking his head under the halo safety device of driver George Russell's car at the Bahrain Grand Prix on Sunday made the rounds on Twitter as a "onderskrif ...

As Ukraine burns, UN Security Council watches Russia halt group’s action with its veto power

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The United Nations was formed after World War II with the aim of halting future wars, but as Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy warns the world about a new world war, the Security Council is being used by Russia...

Sam Burns repeats at Innisbrook after playoff win over Davis Riley

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Not even close. He lowered his arms and forcefully shook his fists as raw emotion poured out of him on the 16th green, a reaction worthy under the circumstances. Burns capped off his back-to-back wins at Innisbrook w...

Wildfire burns near California’s Highway 1, ontruimings aan te spoor

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A wildfire near California's legendary Highway 1, which winds along the Pacific coastline, prompted evacuation orders in Monterey County on Friday night. The Colorado Fire was sparked in Palo Colorado Canyon in the...

Christmas comet burns brighter as it flies past Earth

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A recently discovered comet flew past Earth over the weekend and is now headed back into the solar system. While it leaves, it will burn brightly in the night sky just in time for Christmas. Comet Leonard can be see...

Ontruimingsbevele is in Colorado uitgereik terwyl veldbrande naby Rocky Mountain Nasionale Park brand

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’n Veldbrand wat Dinsdag in Colorado ontstaan ​​het, het vinnig gegroei, ontruimings in die dorp Estes Park veroorsaak, naby Rocky Mountain Nasionale Park. Die Krugerrotsbrand is net tevore aangemeld 7 am. en gegroei ...

CIA-direkteur Burns het met die hoof van die Russiese veiligheidsraad in Moskou vergader

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CIA-direkteur Bill Burns lei 'n afvaardiging van senior Amerikaanse amptenare in Moskou vir 'n tweedaagse reeks vergaderings met Russiese amptenare, 'n woordvoerder van die Amerikaanse ambassade Dinsdag gesê. "Hulle vergader met lede van...

Sam Burns pulls away in Mississippi for 2nd win of the year

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Burns played like he had been there before, and it led to his second win of the year. He played mistake-free until it didn't matter and ran off three straight birdies that allowed him to seize control Sunday and clos...

Die mens red die verloofring, stel voor nadat die huis afgebrand het

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Die aand van Sept. 4, Sean Matthews het op sy een knie geval en Kellie Stanley gevra om met hom te trou. Die voorstel het net buite hul huis in Fuquay-Varina gebeur, N.C. Vriende en familie het in die egpaar byeengekom..

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