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Biden CIA head William Burns says pulling out of Afghanistan will ‘diminishUS intelligence

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President Biden Wednesday afternoon announced that the U.S. will withdraw the remaining 2,500 troops by Sept. 11. The Trump administration had aimed to have all American forces out of Afghanistan, where the Taliban ...

LGBTQ Pride lifeguard tower burns down in fire that officials believe was an act of hate

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The city of Long Beach, California, is working to rebuild a symbol of LGBTQ inclusion after it was destroyed in a fire that officials believe was an act of hate. The Long Beach Fire Department says the city's Pride ...

Senate confirms William Burns to be next CIA director after Cruz lifts hold

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The Senate on Thursday confirmed William Burns to be President Joe Biden's CIA director, approving his nomination with no objections after Texas GOP Sen. Ted Cruz lifted his hold. The Senate cleared Burns' nominatio...

Biden nomina William Burns come direttore della CIA, rivolgendosi a un diplomatico di lunga data per guidare l'agenzia nell'era post-Trump

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Il presidente eletto Joe Biden lunedì nominerà William Burns come direttore della Central Intelligence Agency, La CNN ha imparato, toccando un diplomatico americano veterano rispettato che ha servito in incarichi in tutto il mondo ...

A bobcat rescued from the California wildfires has been treated for burns and released back into the wild

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A young bobcat rescued from the El Dorado wildfires in California has been returned to the wild. The San Diego Humane Society's Ramona Wildlife Center, which treated the cat for severe burns, announced the news on T...

3-year-old falls into scalding hot water at Yellow Stone National Park, suffers second-degree burns

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A 3-year-old suffered second-degree burns after falling into scalding hot water at Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming Friday, the park said in a news release. Il bambino "took off running from the trail" before sl...

California fire is now a ‘gigafire,’ a rare designation for a blaze that burns at least a million acres

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Wildfires have gotten so extreme in recent years that experts have had to coin new terms to describe their increasingly massive scale. Enter the "gigafire" -- a term for a blaze that burns at least a million acres o...

Missiles, rockets and accusations fly as Nagorno Karabakh flare-up burns into second week

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Yerevan, Armenia Armenia and Azerbaijan accused each other Monday of further missile and rocket attacks against civilian populations, as the newly reignited conflict over the enclave of Nagorno Karabakh enters its se...