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‘Groep’ Dem Cori Bush praises St. Louis’ ‘historicvote to ‘defund’ polisie

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"Today’s decision to defund the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department is historic. It marks a new future for our city," Bush said in a statement. "Vir dekades, our city funneled more and more money into our police...

‘Groep’ Dem Cori Bush to Joe Manchin: Fall in line or ‘get out of our way

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Manchin said Sunday he won't support the sweeping election overhaul reform because it's too partisan and would further divide the country – earning the wrath of the most liberal members of Congress. MANCHIN BREAKS F...

‘This crowd is so big and unknown’: Pennsylvania Senate scramble could include Dr. Oz and former Bush official

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Senate candidate Sean Parnell's abrupt end to his campaign in Pennsylvania has shaken up the Republican primary field in a crucial race as the party seeks to win a majority next fall. According to multiple Republica...

‘Hypocrite’ Rep. Bush wants to defund your police, while dishing out $70k on private security: Gowdy

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"Members of Congress are spending more money than ever on their personal security," Gowdy, a former GOP congressman told viewers Sunday night. "It’s a track tragic reflection of the times we live in. Members of Congr...

9/11 pilot’s sister: Hearing Bush quotes responding to attacks ‘fills me with rageat Joe Biden

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Debra Burlingame's brother, Charles "Chic" Burlingame, was the pilot of American Airlines Flight 77, bound from Dulles, Va., to Los Angeles on that Tuesday morning when a gang of terrorists led by Hani Hanjour hijack...

AOC, Cori Bush, Ayanna Pressley, Bernie Sanders silent on plight of Afghan women

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Die VSA. evacuation effort at the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, is expected to conclude Tuesday, more than two weeks after the capital’s collapse on Aug. 15. Roya Rahmani, who served as the first female Afghanistan...

Barbara Bush and Craig Coyne welcome their first child together

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"With full hearts, Laura and I are delighted to announce the birth of our new granddaughter," the Bushes said in a statement to People magazine. "Cora is healthy and adorable, and we are proud and grateful." Barbara...

Biden called Bush and Obama before announcing Afghanistan troop withdrawal

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There are currently 2,500 troops in the country. White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Biden had spoken with two of the last three presidents on Twitter. "He values their opinions and wanted them both to he...

Biden’s energy policy ‘sends a very dangerous message’ to Texas: George P. Bush

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"I’ve been privileged to serve as land commissioner for the last six years, but we need new leadership in this high state-wide executive role," Bush gesê. The son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush also noted that he t...

Boston reverend slams Cori Bush: ‘She should be arrested for political and ideological malpractice

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"The call for the defunding police is not wrong, it's absurd and ridiculous," Riviere, a community activist who served as an advisor for the Bush and Clinton administrations to work on faith-based initiatives, aangevoer ...

Bush en Clinton-portrette word weer uitgestal in die Grand Foyer van die Withuis

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Washington Die Withuis het die amptelike presidensiële portrette van oudpres. George W. hersien. Bush en Bill Clinton nadat hulle verlede Julie tydens die Trump-administrasie verwyder is, 'n amptenaar vertel CNN ....

Bush calls on Congress to tone down ‘harsh rhetoricabout immigration

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Oudpresident George W.. Bush on Sunday called on Congress to tone down the "harsh rhetoric" oor immigrasie, adding that he hopes that doing so will "set a tone that is more respectful" of immigrants and lead to m...

Bush wens Biden geluk, sê verkiesing was 'fundamenteel regverdig’ en ‘die uitkoms daarvan is duidelik’

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Oudpresident George W.. Bush het die verkose president Joe Biden Sondag in 'n oproep gelukgewens en gesê, terwyl president Donald Trump die reg het om regsuitdagings en weergawes na te streef, die 2020 wedloop was "fu ...

Bush perssekretaris: Biden 'al rondom geen idee' oor Afghanistan

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"Ek weet nie dat ek al ooit 'n politikus gesien het nie, veral op 'n gevaarlike oomblik soos hierdie, wees so in ontkenning, uit voeling, uit vir middagete en oral sonder idee," Fleischer, wat in die George W. Bush administrateur...

Concha rips pro-defund police Dem Cori Bush for spending $70k on security: ‘Rules for thee, not for me’

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‘HYPOCRITE’ REP. BUSH WANTS TO DEFUND YOUR POLICE, WHILE DISHING OUT $ 70K ON PRIVATE SECURITY: GOWDY JOE CONCHA: One point on Cori Bush -- she’s a squad member, natuurlik. Democrat Missouri congresswoman. Where doe...

Cori Bush sê sy skuif kantore om van Marjorie Taylor Greene weg te kom ná maskerwisseling

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Demokratiese Rep. Cori Bush van Missouri het Vrydag aangekondig dat sy haar kantoor gaan wegskuif van GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene van Georgia, na 'n hewige woordewisseling vroeër vandeesmaand waar Bush vir Gr..

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