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The New York plastic bag ban is finally being enforced in businesses across the state

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Remember that plastic bag ban in New York? No te preocupes, they didn't forget. Enforcement of the law started Monday, octubre 19, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation announced last month. Los...

‘Hopefully our dream is not broken.Asian American businesses hit especially hard during pandemic

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Cam Vuong laid off 10 de su 15 employees when he was forced to temporarily close his Chinese restaurant in March. When he reopened for exclusive takeout service in mid-April, virtually no one was even willing to or...

Portland Police declare a riot after people break windows of several businesses

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Police in Portland, Oregón, declared a riot Saturday night after officers observed protesters damaging multiple businesses, the Portland Police Bureau said in a news release. Sobre 150 people gathered and began mar...

Biden to focus on Covid relief for small businesses in Wednesday speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will make remarks Wednesday focusing on delivering relief to small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on helping minority-owned businesses, a transition spokesperson tell...

Quarterback Aaron Rodgers pledges $500,000 to help small businesses

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Aaron Rodgers is showing his charitable side by throwing $ 500,000 to the Barstool Fund, a non-profit organization helping small businesses struggling in the pandemic. Barstool President Dave Portnoy hosted the Gr...

Yelp will tell you if local businesses are enforcing masks and social distancing

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Nueva York (CNN Business)Customers observing coronavirus violations at businesses and restaurants can now complain on Yelp. The crowd-sourced review platform is expanding its Covid-19 section on profile pages to includ...

White House says it’s their policy not to let businesses tout Biden’s endorsement but they are mum on brother’s law firm ad

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The White House said Thursday it is their policy to not let businesses imply they have President Joe Biden's support or endorsement, but declined to comment on the record about an advertisement in which Frank Biden ...

Como asiático-americano, Estoy harto de sentirme silenciado. Las comunidades y las empresas deberían intensificar

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Jeanine Celeste Pang es directora creativa senior de voz de marca en Old Navy, a Gap Inc. marca. La compañía anunció recientemente un $ 100,000 donación a Stop AAPI Hate y la Coalición Nacional para Asia Pacífico A ...

Supreme Court hears case pitting unions against strawberry grower and agricultural businesses

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Several Supreme Court justices seemed sympathetic on Monday to the arguments of a California strawberry grower who is challenging a state law that allows union organizers onto his property to speak to workers unanno...

Nashville flash flood leaves four dead and dozens of homes and businesses destroyed

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The city of Nashville is recovering from a deadly flood caused by heavy rains that prompted hundreds of rescues and killed four people. Authorities identified two of the four victims as men in their 60s and 70s who...

Yelp apoya a las empresas de propiedad asiática con una nueva herramienta

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La empresa de revisión de fuentes múltiples está lanzando una herramienta que les dará a los restaurantes y otras empresas la capacidad de identificarse como propiedad de asiáticos si así lo desean., La directora de diversidad de Yelp, Miriam Warren, anuncia ....

‘Consigue Tammy Bruce’ sobre cómo la reubicación del Juego de Estrellas de MLB causó "extraordinarios’ devastación para las empresas de Atlanta

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"Gran trabajo, Demócratas. Gran maldito trabajo, Joe Biden," Bruce se burló. Sus comentarios llegan poco después de que la MLB reubicara el Juego de Estrellas en Denver., después de que Georgia aprobó una nueva ley que hace que las pautas de votación sean más estrictas..

Perros adorables finalmente se cortan el pelo cuando reabren negocios en Inglaterra

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Las razas de perros de pelo largo, incluyendo caniches, labradoodles, perros de aguas, y un pomerania, Por lo general, tendría un corte de pelo al menos cada seis semanas.. Pero con los peluqueros caninos cerrados durante el encierro invernal, la...

Georgia café owner struggles to fill open positions: ‘Hard time’ for small businesses

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Yeo, who owns Le Café Gourmet in Savannah, says she was forced to close her café one day a week due to the staffing shortage, which she said could be due to increased competition from other restaurants who have reope...

Tennessee legislature passes bill requiring some businesses to post signs indicating inclusive bathroom policy

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Tennessee is a step away from requiring some businesses in the state to post signs indicating that they allow transgender and other non-binary people to use the bathroom in their establishment that matches their gen...

NBC medical analyst claims businesses can’t fully reopen without ‘vaccine verification’

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Gupta made the argument during an appearance on MSNBC's "Buenos días Joe," saying that businesses should have the ability to refuse service to anyone who cannot show proof that they've been vaccinated. Host Joe Scarborou...

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