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‘Consigue Tammy Bruce’ sobre cómo la reubicación del Juego de Estrellas de MLB causó "extraordinarios’ devastación para las empresas de Atlanta

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"Gran trabajo, Demócratas. Gran maldito trabajo, Joe Biden," Bruce se burló. Sus comentarios llegan poco después de que la MLB reubicara el Juego de Estrellas en Denver., después de que Georgia aprobó una nueva ley que hace que las pautas de votación sean más estrictas..

‘Hopefully our dream is not broken.Asian American businesses hit especially hard during pandemic

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Cam Vuong laid off 10 de su 15 employees when he was forced to temporarily close his Chinese restaurant in March. When he reopened for exclusive takeout service in mid-April, virtually no one was even willing to or...

‘McAllen firstphilosophy propels small businesses to back conservative in deep blue South Texas

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Debruyn says people told them they were crazy to open a restaurant in the middle of a pandemic. A pesar de esto, the pair doubled down on their investment, taking over the Iced Cube franchise and opening two more locati...

‘Ingraham Angle’ finds San Francisco vaccine mandates are hurting businesses

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Danielle Rabkin, owner of the Crossfit Golden Gate gym, finds the mandates are making little sense, she told the host of "El ángulo de Ingraham." "I don’t feel the mandate makes this business safer," Rabkin told Ingraha...

A Tennessee law requiring some businesses to post transgender bathroom notices has been blocked by a federal judge

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A federal judge has blocked a law in Tennessee that would require some businesses to post signs outside their doors if they allow transgender or nonbinary customers to use the bathroom that corresponds with their ge...

Perros adorables finalmente se cortan el pelo cuando reabren negocios en Inglaterra

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Las razas de perros de pelo largo, incluyendo caniches, labradoodles, perros de aguas, y un pomerania, Por lo general, tendría un corte de pelo al menos cada seis semanas.. Pero con los peluqueros caninos cerrados durante el encierro invernal, la...

Como asiático-americano, Estoy harto de sentirme silenciado. Las comunidades y las empresas deberían intensificar

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Jeanine Celeste Pang es directora creativa senior de voz de marca en Old Navy, a Gap Inc. marca. La compañía anunció recientemente un $ 100,000 donación a Stop AAPI Hate y la Coalición Nacional para Asia Pacífico A ...

Biden to focus on Covid relief for small businesses in Wednesday speech

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President-elect Joe Biden will make remarks Wednesday focusing on delivering relief to small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic with a focus on helping minority-owned businesses, a transition spokesperson tell...

Business owner reacts to sweeping vaccine mandate: Biden is ‘not on the sideof small businesses

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"I don’t think they’re [the Biden admin] on the small business side—I think they’re on someone else’s side," said Sharpness, C ª. President Jerry Akers Monday on "El enfoque de Faulkner." His comments come on the heels o...

California mother calls out local officials over ‘unconstitutionalrestrictions on small businesses

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In confronting the board of supervisors, she noted that the state is no longer in a state of emergency, but small businesses are still being impacted negatively by state requirements. CALIFORNIA SCHOOLS TO REQUIRE MA...

California small businesses rip Newsom over more stimulus checks: ‘We want to work

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Small business owner Pam Nusser and gubernatorial candidate John Cox joined "America Reports" to respond to Newsom’s legislation, arguing small businesses are competing with the government for workers. "We have had a...

Closed border and depleted work force hurting small businesses in McAllen, Texas

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"As a small business owner, I’m concerned about job creation," says Eliza Garza, co-owner of Iced Cube Shaved Ice. Garza and her business partner Margret Debruyn opened shop in November 2020. Ahora, they manage three l...

Georgia café owner struggles to fill open positions: ‘Hard time’ for small businesses

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Yeo, who owns Le Café Gourmet in Savannah, says she was forced to close her café one day a week due to the staffing shortage, which she said could be due to increased competition from other restaurants who have reope...

El gobernador de Georgia firma una orden que permite que las empresas ignoren las reglas locales de Covid-19

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Gobernador de Georgia. Brian Kemp firmó una orden ejecutiva el jueves que permite a las empresas ignorar las reglas locales con respecto a Covid-19 -- un movimiento censurado por los demócratas, A medida que aumentan los casos de coronavirus en el estado. No fue inmediato ....

How feasible is it for businesses to require proof of vaccination? Experts are split

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After a year of wearing masks, physical distancing and only small outdoor gatherings, a world of possibilities is finally beginning to open up for the vaccinated. More states are easing coronavirus restrictions as p...

Immigrant landlord slams eviction moratorium for destroying small businesses

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JEN SIDOROVA: Sabes, what I hear is that a lot of people just going out of business, exactly as you said, or maybe they're switching to the model that's more like a vacation rental, a short-term rental other than ...

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