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Miami beats BC at buzzer in OT to advance to ACC semis

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KLIK HIER VIR MEER SPORTDEKKING . BC took possession with 33.7 seconds left in overtime but Makai Ashton-Langford's shot in the paint was short. Sam Waardenburg grabbed the rebound and passed to Charlie Moore who...

RJ Barrett banks in 3 by gonser, Knicks beat Celtics

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Evan Fournier scored a career-high 41 punte, and the Knicks overcame a 24-point, second-quarter deficit. The teams will finish the home-and-home set Saturday night in Boston. Jayson Tatum scored 36 points for Boston...

DeMar DeRozan beats the buzzer again, giving Bulls 7 straight wins

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Kyle Kuzma’s 3-pointer with 3.3 seconds to play gave Washington a 119-117 lei, until DeRozan beat the Wizards in the same way he beat Indiana on Friday night. DeRozan finished with 28 points and Zach LaVine had 35 p ...

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander treffers 3 by gonser, Donder het Clippers geklop

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Gilgeous-Alexander het 'n 27-voet geslaan, terugstap 3-wyser by die gonser om die Oklahoma City Thunder a 104-103 oorwinning Saterdagaand oor die Los Angeles Clippers. Woensdagaand, Gilgeous-Alexander het 'n geslaan 30...

Amzil hits jumper at buzzer, Dayton beats No. 4 Kansas 74-73

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Amzil hit a running jumper in the lane at the buzzer, and Dayton beat No. 4 Kansas 74-73 op Vrydag. Kansas’ David McCormack blocked Malachi Smith's layup with 3 sekondes oor. Amzil picked up the loose ball, and his s...

Trent’s 3-pointer beats buzzer as Raptors rally past Wizards

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Pascal Siakam led Toronto with 22 punte, and DeAndre Bembry and rookie Malachi Flynn led a fourth-quarter charge for the Raptors, who won consecutive games for the first time since Feb. 19-21. KLIK HIER VIR MEER SP...