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Jamie Lynn Spears reveals she isolated in a cabin after becoming pregnant at 16: ‘I was being alienated

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The 30-year-old younger sister of Britney Spears broke her silence on Wednesday about her current rift with the pop star. In a tearful interview, Jamie Lynn revealed she "100%" loves her sister and denied playing a r...

A stir crazy Joe Biden fights Covid cabin fever with help from his dog and a stack of books about Ireland

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When President Joe Biden tested positive for Covid last week, the dog stayed with him. The cat went with his wife. Biden's long-anticipated, heavily-planned-for, how-has-it-not-happened-yet Covid infection turned th...

Couple and dog rescued via helicopter after being stranded in California cabin for two months

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Two people who were looking after a cabin in a remote part of California were rescued this week after being snowed in for two months and facing a dwindling food supply, funcionarios dijeron el viernes. The unidentified coupl...

Wisconsin emergency landing: American Airlines flight grounded due to ‘smoke in cabin

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American Airlines said that the cross-country flight from New York City to Los Angeles was grounded by a "mechanical issue" a 2:19 pm. Connecticut. STUCK SEAT LED TO WILD BRAWL ON AMERICAN AIRLINES FLIGHT, WITNESS SAYS ...

Tennessee woman charged after alleged assault and attempting to open cabin door on Spirit flight

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A Tennessee woman turned herself into the FBI on Tuesday after she was accused of assaulting two flight attendants during a Spirit Airlines flight last month, el Departamento de Justicia anunció. Amanda Renee Henry was...

2 passengers open Delta flight cabin door and slide out moving plane with a dog at La Guardia

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Two passengers aboard a Delta flight bound for Atlanta opened a cabin door and activated the slide to exit the plane while it was taxiing out to a runway at New York's La Guardia Airport Monday morning, Delta spokes...