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Will Cain has questions after the Biden town hall

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SAL SAAK: CNN aired a disastrous town hall with President Biden last night... Joe Biden, Okt. 21: But but but but here's the point, we're in a situation now where if you are in a circumstance that you're not able to ...

Will Cain ontbloot die band tussen 'gekompromitteerde' Biden-admin, skoolrade teen ouers

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Tydens 'n verhoor op Capitol Hill Donderdag, Prokureur-generaal Merrick Garland het nie antwoorde gehad oor die agtergrond van die inbring van so 'n etiket nie en het bloot die Nasionale Skoolraadvereniging se brief aangehaal..

Sal Kain: The Left has made life incredibly hard for those who stand in the way of violence

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SAL SAAK: You know what makes life harder? Losing your job. So the left is succeeding. They have made life incredibly hard, difficult for people who keep us safe, make it hard for those who would stand in the way of...

Sal Kain: American freedoms have been smothered by entitlement

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BUTTIGIEG UNDER FIRE FOR CLAIMING SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS DUE TO BIDEN GUIDING COUNTRY OUT OF RECESSION WILL CAIN: Playing the role of Judge Smailes today, wel, is The Washington Post. In an op-ed, the Post says We've...

Sal Kain: No one is answering consistently on the ‘authoritarian mandate’

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FDA TO APPROVE ‘MIX AND MATCH’ APPROACH TO VACCINE BOOSTER SHOTS: REPORT WILL CAIN: Here are the facts, here's data. Here's what we know right now: the vast majority of hospitalizations and deaths in the United Stat...

Sal Kain: This is the crisis where Biden will pay the biggest political price

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FORMER HOME DEPOT CEO WARNS SUPPLY CHAIN CRISIS BEING NATIONAL EMERGENCY: 'IT'S NOT GETTING BETTER' WILL CAIN: We are not stupid, regardless of what they try to convince us. The parallels are uncanny, to hear Greg Gu...

Sal Kain: Kamala Harris 'gebruik' op 'n Biden -kaartjie, was sedertdien MIA

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"As ek nou Kamala Harris is, Ek is baie beledig omdat jy gebruik is," hy het gesê. "Hulle het jou gebruik om na 'n stembasis te gaan om stemme te kry. Hulle het 'n minderheid gehad, they had a woman and now that they don’t need...

Kain: Van Afghanistan tot linkse onluste, Demokrate 'skep 'n silwer randjie’ Amerikaners moet dit ignoreer

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Met die chaotiese VSA. onttrekking uit Afghanistan wat verlaat het 13 militêre dienspligtiges dooie en ongekende getalle Amerikaanse burgers gestrand met 'n terroriste -regime wat die land bestuur, President Joe Biden en sy advertensie ...

Will Cain calls for Biden, Genl. Milley to resign amid ‘Grade-A gaslightingas Afghanistan collapses

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Cain said Monday on "Fox News Primetime" that the president's brief Monday remarks were an exercise in "Grade-A gaslighting" en a "masterclass in doublespeak." The president returned to the White House in the aftern...

Dean Cain slams Marvel for new ‘wokeCaptain America comic: Bashing USA is now ‘the cool thing to do

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Marvel is facing backlash for its latest comic, "The United States of Captain America," which says the American dream isn’t real. SY. COTTON SLAMS NYT FOR SUGGESTING THE AMERICAN FLAG IS DIVISIVE Issue 1 of the ne...

Sal Kain: Biden has long shown an ‘instinct toward racismas the left seeks it like a ‘trophy hunt

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"It seems to me like every day, everything is about race. Every news story on every news channel and every politician is talking about racism. It's as though there is a hunt to find racism," hy het gesê. "While racism do...

Will Cain dismantles critical race theory: ‘The lunatic racist left is starting to lose

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SAL SAAK: Parents are the tip of the spear, the front-line warriors in this cultural revolution. They have seen Little Timmy bring home the book ‘How to Be an Anti-Racist Baby,’ confess his whiteness to mom and told...

Sal Kain: Die linkse ‘fundamenteel onreëlmatig’ oor die aanspreek van 'n kultuur van misdaad

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SAL SAAK: Die Amerikaanse Linkses het stelselmatig te werk gegaan om 'n kultuur van misdaad te skep. Ons wette word deurgaans nie net onregverdig nie, maar stelselmatig rassisties genoem. Wie sal die reëls van 'n tuigspel volg? In San F ...

Will Cain dubs transgender treatment for minors ‘child abuse’: We cannot fear being called ‘anti-trans’

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Biden’s Department of Justice argued laws prohibiting 12 to 14-year-olds from accessing transgender treatment are discriminatory. Intussen, Arkansas has become the first state to block the use of these experimental ...

Sal Kain: ‘It has become undeniablethe United States is ‘less safe today than it was yesterday

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"It has become undeniable, whether or not you've personally seen it or if it's happening in your backyard. We all feel it. America is less safe today than it was yesterday," Cain said. Cain noted the disparity betwe...

Will Cain warns America is declining: In 60 years we’ve gone from Martin Luther King to Lori Lightfoot

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CAIN: Welcome to the decline of America where, in six short decades, we have gone from aspiring to judge a man by the content of his character to aspiring that every reporter look just like politicians they cover. Wh ...

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