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‘Die Vyf’ calls Biden meeting ‘a giant cakefor Putin amid pipeline hack

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Host Jesse Watters alluded to the suspicion that the mainstream media would be hammering Donald Trump if he agreed to a no-preconditions meeting with a U.S. rival, pointing to the wall-to-wall criticism that erupted ...

Indiana woman pays for stranger’s cake to honor her late son’s birthday

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When Carolyn Mick went to pick up a cake from her local Kroger in Plainfield, Indiana, she discovered someone had already paid for it. The cake also came with a note, signed by "Toni, Tyler’s mom." In the note, Toni ...

How Kate Middleton’s royal wedding cake veered from tradition, baker reveals

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In werklikheid, Middleton, 39, sent over "very specific" guidance to baker Fiona Cairns explaining how she wanted the cake to look for her wedding to Prince William 10 jare terug. Cairns told People that the wedding’s theme ...

Hostess recalls Snoballs snack cake after not listing ingredient as allergen

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Hostess SnoBalls snack, the cream-filled chocolate cakes with marshmallow frosting and coconut flakes was accidentally packaged in Hostess Chocolate CupCakes wrapping and failed to list coconut as an allergen, the co...

Ina Garten vier fees 52 huweliksjare, maar het 'n paar tweede gedagtes oor hul troukoek

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Ina Garten en haar man Jeffrey vier fees 52 huweliksjare. Die ster van die Food Network het Instagram aangeneem met 'n liefdevolle boodskap oor haar man, skryfwerk: "Twee en vyftig jaar en nog steeds soveel pret!," sy wr ...

‘Koekbaas’ star Buddy Valastro recovering from ‘terribleat-home accident

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"Koekbaas" star Buddy Valastro is on the mend. A "terrible accident" has landed the baker and television personality in the hospital and with one hand in rough shape, according to a photo he shared on Instagram on...