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Tucker: Anyone who questions Biden’s economic policy is called a racist

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Deur 1995, 66% of all Venezuelans were impoverished. Getting poorer tends to make voters radical. So inevitably, Venezuela got radical politics. You know what happened next. Venezuela is now rated one of the most miser...

Amber Heard’s first witness iO Tillett Wright called: What Wright said on day 17 of defamation trial

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In a taped deposition from March 2022, iO Tillett Wright — an author, producer and longtime friend of Heard, 36 — testified during the ongoing defamation trial that he received a phone call from Heard on May 21, 2016...

Alabama inmate Casey White called Vicky White his ‘wifeafter she apparently shot herself during crash: Feds

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Casey White, 38, and Vicky White, 56, had been involved in a police chase in Evansville, Indiana, on Monday evening when law enforcement agents intercepted and collided with the Cadillac that Vicky White was driving,...

Roe v. Wade called into question by many Democrats, liberal scholars over the years

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Archibald Cox, who served as solicitor general for President John F. Kennedy, gestel, "The failure to confront the issue in principled terms leaves the opinion to read like a set of hospital rules and regulations…. N ...

Biden’s White House senior adviser called ‘Squad’ members ‘fing idiots’: boek

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An excerpt of the new book, "This Will Not Pass: Trump, Biden, and the Battle for America's Future" by Alexander Burns and Jonathan Martin, obtained by Fox News Digital writes that Richmond, a former House member, ma...

Texas search for missing National Guard soldier called off for night

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A spokesperson for the Military Department said that the river's strength has forced the rescue operation to cease overnight. The incident happened at Eagle Pass while the guard member was attempting to rescue migran...

Star-studded Revolve Festival being called ‘Fyre Festival 2.0’ by influencers: ‘It was a disaster’

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The fifth annual Revolve Festival, which took a two-year break during the pandemic, occurs every year during the first weekend of Coachella. Although the two events are not affiliated, many celebrities make an appea...

Pittsburgh police confirm they were called to scene of Airbnb shooting on noise complaint

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Pittsburgh police said the officer responded to a noise complaint around 11 nm. Saturday night at a residence in East Allegheny where a party was being held. This is the short-term rental property where p...

Atlantic writer who called Hunter Biden laptop not ‘interesting’ enough to cover harped on Trump Jr. affairs

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"My problem with Hunter Biden’s laptop is, ek dink, totally irrelevant. ek bedoel, it’s not whether it’s disinformation," Applebaum said during a "Disinformation and the Erosion of Democracy" conference this past week a...

Chicago-area church called out for ‘fasting from whitenessfor Lent: ‘Wokeness gone mad

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"To racialize the most high holy season in the Christian calendar is a case of, op sy beste, wokeness gone mad," Rivers told "jakkals & Vriende." "If these misguided white liberals want to do something, they need to cha...

Verslaggewer se notaboek: As Ukraine war drags on, Putin’s high approval rating in Russia called into question

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But he is convinced his respondents haven't lied about Putin and this war. Gudkov, who is the director of the Levada Center, Russia's only independent polling outfit, claims the idea that Russians are afraid to tell ...

Washington Post roasted for acknowledging Hunter Biden scandal once called ‘fake’: ‘Retroactive Pulitzer?’

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Among the outlets is The Washington Post, which elected to address the email scandal they once called "vals" by publishing a lengthy report on Wednesday, confirming that over 22,000 of the emails that tie Hunter Bide...

CNN’s John King runs cover for Biden amid Putin gaffe: ‘It’s called being human

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"For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power," Biden said of Putin in weekend remarks to a Warsaw, Poland crowd while on a visit with NATO allies amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine. During a Tuesday segment on ...

2022 Oscars called out by viewers over COVID joke and more

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Before the show aired at its rightful place, the famed Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Kalifornië, die 2022 Oscars faced backlash after the Academy announced its plans to eliminate eight of its honors in an effort to str...

Een foto wys 'n wit: Een foto wys 'n wit

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Een foto wys 'n wit. Die sanger, Een foto wys 'n wit, Een foto wys 'n wit.

Mike Tyson is selling ear-shaped cannabis-infused edibles called ‘Mike Bites

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More than two decades after Mike Tyson bit off a chunk of Evander Holyfield's ear at the 1997 WBA Heavyweight Championship fight, the legendary boxer has released a line of edibles -- in the shape of ears. The cann...

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