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Kurtz blasts ‘offensiveUSA Today article calling for coronavirus victims to be buried at Mar-A-Lago

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close Video 'It's typical of certain liberals who can't stop spewing bile' about Trump through he's out of office: Kurtz A USA Today column suggests burying America’s 500,000 COVID-19 victims at Mar-a-Lago; jakkals ...

It’s time to stop calling slavery America’s ‘original sin

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James Goodman, distinguished professor of history at Rutgers University, Newark, is die outeur van "Stories of Scottsboro," "Blackout" en "But Where Is the Lamb?" Die menings wat hier uitgespreek word, is sy eie. Read more opini...

Dem impeachment managers target Trump lawyers’ First Amendment argument, calling it a ‘distraction’

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close Video Dem managers allege Trump would incite future violence if allowed to run again Lead impeachment manager Rep. Jamie Raskin warns of future violence if Trump regains office Lead House impeachment mana...

Raptors to keep calling Tampa home for rest of season

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 11 Kyk wat kliek . The Toronto Raptors aren’t going back to Toronto this season. Ongoing challenges related to the coronavirus pandemic and h...

Michigan Senate leader on hot mic after apologizing for calling Capitol riot a hoax: ‘I frankly don’t take backpoints I tried to make

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Michigan state Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey was caught on a hot microphone on Wednesday approaching Democratic Lt. Goewerneur. Garlin Gilchrist and doubling down on conspiracy theory comments he made about the insur...

Jonathan Turley chides Dem impeachment manager Neguse for calling 1992 position ‘recent

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sluit Video Senaat stem Trump vervolging verhoor is grondwetlik Ses Republikeine sluit almal by 50 Demokrate in stemming; FOX News congressional correspondent Chad Pergram has the details Constitutional scholar Jonatha...

WHO drops investigation into whether COVID-19 virus leaked from Wuhan lab, calling theory unlikely

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 9 Kyk wat kliek . A World Health Organization team investigating the origins of the coronavirus pandemic downplayed the possibility that the vi...

Katoen: Biden’s liberal media ‘friendsfinally coming around to calling for Wuhan lab investigation

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maak Video Tom Cotton toe: Important for Biden to recognize China as a 'dangerous threat' Senator Tom Cotton on actions the Biden administration can take after the president warns of 'extreme competition' with China...

California high school football player goes viral after calling out Newsom for ‘wasted final year

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close Video California high school football coach warns kids are 'losing hope' in lockdown Coach Patrick Walsh argues that bringing back youth sports can help mend the declining mental health of student athletes....

Winter Olympics: A year before the Beijing Games, meer as 180 campaign groups are calling for a diplomatic boycott

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A letter signed by more than 180 campaign groups calling for a diplomatic boycott of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing warns the Games could "embolden" human rights abuses in China. The letter was put forward by "...

SoulCycle-instrukteur is jammer dat sy haarself 'n 'opvoeder' noem om COVID-entstof te kry

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sluit Video Fox News Flits die hoofopskrifte vir Februarie 1 Kyk wat kliek . Die SoulCycle-instrukteur-na-die-sterre wat geregverdig het dat sy 'n koronavirus-entstof ontvang het deur haarself as 'n "opvoed ...

Rapper Ja Rule ontploffing Robinhood app, noem sy Gamestop stop 'n 'f–koning misdaad’

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sluit die hoofopskrifte vir video's vir Januarie 29 top vermaak en celebrity nuus is hier. kliek vandag in vermaak. Rapper Ja Rule is the latest entertainer to weigh in on the tradi...

Graham warns Dems will ‘blow up’ Senate by moving forward with impeachment trial, calling witnesses

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maak Video Graham toe: lllegitimized impeachment process 'danger to democracy' South Carolina Republican joins 'Hannity' to discuss legal discrepancies in Trump's pending Senate trial. With Democrats preparing for...

Hume: Liberals calling for free speech crackdown ‘don’t understand the concept

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maak Video Hume toe: Censorship advocates don't understand concept of free speech Fox News senior political analyst Brit Hume sounds off on new progressive endeavor on 'Tucker Carlson Tonight' Fox News senior poli...

Piers Morgan rips media for not calling out Biden’s ‘Trump-sized lieabout vaccine rollout

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maak Video Biden toe: Defeating the COVID-19 pandemic will 'take time' FOX News White House correspondent Peter Doocy joins 'Your World' with the latest from Washington. Piers Morgan blasted the American news medi...

Grenell: Vergeet van Biden en Harris — hier is wie regtig die skote in die nuwe administrasie noem

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maak Video Grenell toe: Shadan-presidentskap van Susan Rice is 'front and center' Voormalige waarnemende DNI Ric Grenell gee sy mening oor wat hy van die inkomende Biden-regering kan verwag en spreek China se groeiende mag aan..

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