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Biden se pregunta si se mantiene firme al llamar a Kyle Rittenhouse un supremacista blanco

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Biden, quien dice que no vio el juicio, habló brevemente sobre la decisión del jurado. (AP) KYLE RITTENHOUSE NO SE ENCUENTRA CULPABLE EN TODOS LOS CONDADOS EN EL JUICIO DE KENOSHA, había tuiteado Biden durante la sesión presidencial ...

Federal judge says Trump has responsibility for January 6, calling rioter a ‘pawn

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A federal judge suggested Friday that former President Donald Trump had some responsibility for the January 6 attack on the Capitol and that rioters were pawns provoked into action. Speaking at sentencing hearing fo...

Texas Tech radio announcers removed from calling next football game after criticizing officials on air

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Play-by-play man Brian Jensen and analyst John Harris ripped game officials during the team’s 41-38 home victory against Iowa State Saturday, and now they're being punished for speaking out. El miércoles, the Big 12...

Brigitte Bardot fined by French court for calling La Reunion islanders ‘degenerate savages’

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El jueves, the French actress was sentenced by the judicial court of Saint-Denis, Le Figaro reported. The 87-year-old’s press secretary, Bruno Jacquelin, was also fined €4,000 – or 4,612.04. The outlet noted that a...

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes ripped for calling education concerns a ‘right-wing grievance

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los "All In" host tweeted, "It's been interesting how much ‘education’ and schools as a focus of right-wing grievance has been consistent even as the particular grievance keeps shifting. A year ago it was going to be...

NASCAR’s Kyle Busch apologizes for calling Brad Keselowski the R-word after Martinsville crash

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The often-controversial NASCAR star apologized on Twitter for levying an insensitive term at a rival after the event. Busch and Brad Keselowski were running in second and third place on the final overtime lap of the ...

Brian Stelter de CNN presenta un segmento que pide a los periodistas que cubran a los republicanos de manera diferente que a los demócratas

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"Quiero sumergirme directamente en su argumento sobre qué es el bilateralismo y por qué le está fallando al público.,"Stelter dijo de Calmes, cuya columna sobre el tema ganó elogios de los periodistas liberales. "¿Es lo que estamos tratando?.

La carta en la que se llama a los padres terroristas domésticos ha "echado gasolina"’ en el fuego, padre activista dice

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"Es realmente falso, es un poco tarde para eso," Laura Zorc, director de reforma educativa en Building Education for Students Together (MEJOR), dijo a Fox News en una entrevista el sábado. "Es casi como si ...

McAuliffe restó importancia a la foto de Northam con la cara negra como "error tonto" 40 hace años que’ meses después de llamarlo racista

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"Escuchar, incluso si hubiera sido él en la cara negra, sabes," McAuliffe dijo mientras promocionaba su libro en julio de 2019. "Fue un error tonto 40 hace años que." ARLINGTON, voluntad - OCTUBRE 22: Gobierna democrática ...

DeSantis tweets ‘Don’t Tread on Floridaflag after calling for special special session to ban jab mandates

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"Don’t tread on Florida," the flag reads with an alligator on the bottom paying tribute to the Gadsen flag that contains the message "Don’t Tread On Me." LAKELAND, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES - 2021/09/07: Flores ...

Five military veterans advising Sen. Sinema resign, calling her one of the ‘principal obstacles to progress

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Five military veterans on Sen. Kyrsten Sinema's advisory board resigned from their roles this week, slamming the Arizona Democrat as one of the "principal obstacles to progress." In a letter to Sinema, the veterans...

Hemmer presses pro-Biden economist on calling inflation a ‘high-class problem’: ‘What were you thinking?’

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"To paraphrase Jay Leno, what in the hell were you thinking?" asked Hemmer. Furman responded by first acknowledging that inflation was both a real issue affecting American families and also an issue that "deberíamos ...

Top White House official retweets post calling inflation, supply chain issues ‘high class problems’

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Jason Furman, Harvard’s Aetna professor of the practice of economic policy, said the country would not be faced with these issues if the unemployment rate was still 10%, an apparent reference to Federal Reserve Chair...

Climate crisis is ‘single biggest health threat facing humanity,’ WHO says, calling on world leaders to act

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La Organización Mundial de la Salud, in a new special report, is calling for governments and policymakers to "act with urgency" on the climate and health crises. The report describes climate change as the "single biggest ...

North Carolina lawmakers call for lieutenant governor’s resignation after video surfaces of him calling homosexuality ‘filth

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Washington, DC Some North Carolina state senators are calling for the resignation of North Carolina Lt. Gobernador. Mark Robinson, after video surfaced on social media this week in which the Republican says that "there's no...

Thousands protest across Brazil calling for President Bolsonaro’s impeachment

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Protesters returned to the streets in major cities across Brazil on Saturday, calling for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro amid worsening economic conditions, rising unemployment, and hunger in the Covid-...

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