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Top House Democrat calls out GOP refusal to move voting legislation forward: ‘It’s a cult right now

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Jeffries, the House Democratic Caucus chair, said the reauthorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act has been historically bipartisan dating back to the era of President Richard Nixon, and he lamented Republicans in t...

Pennsylvania Senate leader calls for impeachment of liberal Philly DA: ‘We have a real crisis

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The state's Senate President Pro Tempore Jake Corman, who's running for governor, urged state leaders on Tuesday to begin impeachment proceedings against the progressive prosecutor. "We have a real crisis in our city...

Olympic gold medalist and Title IX advocate calls for reevaluation of transgender policies

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"I’ve been working with other elite women athletes and researchers and even the International Olympic Committee to get them to reevaluate their quick judgment on promoting a policy that really is unfair for the safet...

Leo Terrell calls out disconnected Democrat elites: ‘Their playbook is outdated. Everything is race

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LEO TERRELL BLASTS DEMOCRATS IN '1965 TIME-WARP' OVER RACISM CLAIMS IN OPPOSITION TO ELECTION LAW OVERHAUL LEO TERRELL: The Democratic playbook is outdated. Everything is race. Look what’s happening today. They’re go...

Michael Phelps says controversy surrounding Lia Thomas is ‘very complicated,’ calls for level playing field

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Phelps, the most decorated Olympian of all time, compared the controversy surrounding Thomas to doping, saying he doesn’t believe he’s competed in a clean field in his entire career. "I think this leads back to the o...

Lindsey Graham calls Texas synagogue hostage situation part of a ‘religious war

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SU. LINDSEY GRAHAM: Conservatism is on the rise, liberalism is on the run. Y por qué es eso? The Taliban are now back in charge of Afghanistan. We've got the highest inflation in 40 años. We've had the most illegal ...

Candace Cameron Bure llama a Bob Saget su "dulce Bobby Daddy"’ en el último tributo al difunto 'Full House’ actor

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los "Casa llena" Actriz, quien interpretó a Saget (danny curtidor) hija DJ. Tanner en la comedia familiar, animó a sus seguidores de las redes sociales a "abrazar como Bob." La publicación de Bure la mostró a ella y a Saget abrazándose en un vestido negro..

Republicano de la Tercera Cámara que votó a favor de destituir a Trump renuncia

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Reps. John Katko de Nueva York, uno de los 10 Republicanos de la Cámara que votaron para acusar a Donald Trump, anunció el viernes que no buscará la reelección. en su anuncio, Katko dijo que quería estar más presente con su familia...

PA GOP Senate Battle: David McCormick returns fire, calls on Dr. Oz to ‘renounce’ Turkish citizenship

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As McCormick, a West Point graduate, Gulf War combat veteran and former Treasury Department official in former President George W. Bush's administration, officially launched his bid to try and succeed retiring GOP Se...

Elise Stefanik calls on Education Secretary Cardona to resign: ‘This is a war on parents

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McConnell slams Biden, calls Atlanta speech ‘deliberately divisive

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McConnell torched the president from the Senate floor, tearing into Biden over his widely panned speech, llamándolo un "deliberately divisive" and one that was "designed to pull our country further apart." The Kentuck...

Psaki brushes off McConnell, calls criticisms of Biden’s speech ‘hilarious’

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"I know there has been a lot of claim of the offensive nature of the speech yesterday, which is hilarious on many levels, given how many people sat silently over the last four years for the former president," Psaki s...

Mitch McConnell calls Biden’s speech ‘incoherentand ‘beneath his office

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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell blasted President Joe Biden's speech pushing for the Senate to change its filibuster rules to pass voting and elections legislation, saying it was a "despotricar," "incoherent," "inco...

Greg Gutfeld calls out Biden for comments during speech about Democratsvoting bill

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Biden warned of a stark dichotomy between the proponents and opponents of the Democrats' election law overhaul bill dubbed the "John Lewis Voting Rights Act," asking a crowd in Atlanta on Tuesday whether they wanted ...

Hannity blasts Biden over partisan ‘voting rights’ discurso, calls on him to address Delaware inequities

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Biden claimed voting rights are being eroded by Republican state legislatures that are instituting voter identification and other measures, including Georgia, where he spoke. Hannity pointed out that Biden has said n...

Education Secretary Cardona facing calls to resign after email shows he solicited controversial NSBA letter

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The NSBA's Oct. 22 letra, which it has since apologized for, called for federal action to address hostilities toward school boards as possible acts of "terrorismo interno" and suggested using the Patriot Act against...

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