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Biden urges calm after Daunte Wright shooting, says ‘no justificationfor looting, geweld

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Speaking from the Oval Office, Biden called for a "full-blown investigation" into whether the shooting of Daunte Wright was accidental or intentional. The fatal shooting prompted violent protests and instances of loo...

Prins Philip: Queen Elizabeth was ‘steady, calm’ ahead of Duke of Edinburgh’s death

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Former press secretary to the Queen, Charles Anson, told People magazine on Friday that the 94-year-old monarch was prepared for Philip’s death simply because she thought about it so much where it became second natur...

Bus torched in more Northern Ireland violence as British and Irish leaders call for calm

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Dublin, Ireland Parts of Northern Ireland saw their sixth consecutive night of violence Wednesday as unionists and nationalists clashed with police and each other. Unrest first broke out last week amid rising tensi...

‘Calm, steady, strong’: Jill Biden says her husband is ready for first debate with Trump this week

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Jill Biden, the wife of Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, said her husband is "gereed" to face Donald Trump in the first presidential debate this week and accused the President of trying to distract with sme...