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Canadian politician caught on camera urinating during virtual Parliament session, just weeks after nudity incident

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A Canadian lawmaker has apologized after being caught urinating on camera during virtual parliamentary proceedings, just weeks after he appeared naked during a video call. William Amos said the incident occurred on ...

Body camera shows Black man being tased, kicked and dragged by Louisiana troopers before his death

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Ronald Greene, a Black man who died after a pursuit by Louisiana State Police in 2019, can be heard apologizing to officers and telling them he was scared before being tased, dragged and kicked in newly obtained bod...

Hamas rockets soar during Fox News report, forcing correspondent, camera to the ground

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Fox News foreign correspondent Trey Yingst said Israel called on 9,000 reserve troops ahead of what they believe will be a "full-scale ground invasion." Rockets were seen plummeting past Yingst forcing him to the gr...

Florida fisherman chased by 11-foot alligator in Everglades and it was caught on camera

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Tommy Lee, 22, was tarpon fishing in the Everglades on Saturday morning when he came face-to-face with a bull alligator he believes was more than 11 feet in length. Before the gator swam up to shore, Lee had been rec...

NYC delivery driver’s brutal attack by robbers caught on camera, as suspects remain at large month later

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Two suspects now wanted for robbery attempted to take the victim's moped at approximately 3:25 nm. op April 14 in front of 8 E. 177 St.. in the Bronx, the New York City Police Department said. Video released by NYPD ...

'N Man in Kalifornië wat in aanhouding dood is, is op sy maag ingedruk vir 5 minute en sy bewussyn verloor, polisie liggaam kamera toon

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'N Kaliforniese man wat vandeesmaand in aanhouding van die polisie gesterf het, was ongeveer vyf minute op sy maag op die grond vasgehou voordat hy nie reageer het nie en beamptes met KPR begin het., liggaamskamera-opnames wat Dinsdag bekend gemaak is deur ...

Andrew Brown Jr. search warrant: Drug deals captured on camera weeks before fatal police shooting

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Brown's family and their attorneys entered the Pasquotank County Sheriff's Office Monday afternoon to be privately shown the body camera footage of the shooting – following a two-hour delay that Pasquotank County Att...

Columbus shooting illustrates how police grapple with politics of releasing body camera footage

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The police department in Ohio's largest city is under national scrutiny after an officer fatally shot 16-year-old Ma'Khia Bryant -- the second deadly shooting by a city police officer in the last four months. But un...

North Carolina police shooting: Attorney to push judge for release of body camera footage

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Harry Daniels, who is representing the family of Andrew Brown Jr. – the 42-year-old who was killed Wednesday morning in Elizabeth City – made the comments following a second night of demonstrations calling for more a...

Florida deputy hit by passing truck during traffic stop caught on camera

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Volusia County Sheriff’s Deputy Liles had pulled over a driver for speeding at around 12:40 am. Thursday in Edgewater, het die balju se kantoor gesê. A "fast-moving truck" then struck Liles on the back as he was speaki...

Chicago police body camera footage to be released in fatal shooting of 13-year-old boy

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The Chicago Civilian Office of Police Accountability will release body camera footage on Thursday from the fatal police shooting of 13-year-old Adam Toledo last month. The boy's family saw the video on Tuesday and ...

NationalsStephen Strasburg, Dave Martinez upset with ‘spy camerafilming dugout

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Strasburg was caught sitting in the dugout rubbing his shoulder in the middle of the Nationals’ 14-3 loss to the St. Louis Cardinals. Die 2019 World Series champion was not happy with what he thought was a private mo...

Thief caught on camera stealing hundreds of dollars of crab from California restaurant

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A California restaurant shared footage to YouTube that shows an unidentified man breaking into its outdoor crab tank and making off with hundreds of dollars worth of crab. Fortunately for the restaurant, the local co...

Body camera video shows a violent arrest that is now a civil rights lawsuit

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Body camera video of a violent arrest in Chicago is now key evidence in a new federal civil rights lawsuit filed by the man police are seen slamming to the ground. Leroy Kennedy, 'n swart man, says in his lawsuit tha...

Polisiehoof en beampte in Georgië is uitgestoot oor rassiste, misogynistiese opmerkings vasgevang op kamera tydens BLM-saamtrek

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Die polisiehoof en 'n patrolliewagter in 'n klein dorpie in Georgia is uit hul werk gestoot nadat hulle betrap is dat hulle 'n rassis gehad het, vrouehaatgesprek tydens voorbereiding om 'n Black Lives Matter Rally in Junie te patrolleer..

Deurklokkamera neem 'n vrou vas wat haar bure uit hul brandende huis red

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Nicole Salgado en haar gesin het op Oujaarsdag wakker geword van woes geklop aan die voordeur van hul huis in Avondale, Arizona. Haar huis het gebrand, en sy het dit nie geweet nie. "Ons het almal geslaap," Salgado aan CN gesê..

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