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Bob Saget defends Candace Cameron Bure against claims she’s ‘fake’: ‘You’re a positive person

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During a recent appearance on Saget's "Here For You" podcast, Bure said her cheery personality is often mistaken by the public as an act. That's when she asked her TV dad to weigh in, to which Saget, 64, assured her,...

Cameron Smith leads RBC Heritage after career-low 62

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Cink finished his 63 around lunchtime and no one appeared likely to beat that score in overcast, breezier afternoon conditions. Yet Smith played his best down the challenging stretch. The Australian chipped in for bi...

Cameron Diaz reveals why she ‘couldn’t imaginereturning to acting

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It has been seven years since Cameron Diaz appeared on the big screen, but the former Hollywood actress has said she is in no rush to return to acting. Appearing on US radio show "Quarantined with Bruce" on Thursda...

Candace Cameron Bure has a message for the haters

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If you don't have something nice to say, Candace Cameron Bure would rather you not say anything. Die "Fuller House" star posted a family photo with her, her husband and their three adult children on her verified Ins...

Kirk Cameron organiseer sorgvuldige betogings te midde van die Covid-19-oplewing in Kalifornië

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Die akteur Kirk Cameron kry kritiek op die organisasie van ten minste twee geleenthede in die afgelope week in Suid-Kalifornië, waar tientalle maskerlose mense skouer-aan-skouer gestaan ​​het om Kersliedere te sing in protes teen st ...

Die Cameron Peak Fire in Colorado is die grootste in die staat se geskiedenis

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Die Cameron Peak Fire, brand net wes van Fort Collins, is nou die grootste veldbrand in die geskiedenis van Colorado, Goewerneur. Jared Polis Woensdagaand in 'n twiet gesê. Die brand het meer as 158,000 hektaar en ...

Megan Thee Stallion slammed Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron on her ‘SNLperformance for his decision in the Breonna Taylor case

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Musical guest Megan Thee Stallion used her "Saturday Night Live" performance to call out Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron for his decision in the Breonna Taylor case. During her performance of her hit "Savag...

Candace Cameron Bure is ‘not sorryabout PDA photo with husband

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Candace Cameron Bure is very happily married. That's why she doesn't feel bad about posting a photo that some of her followers deemed inappropriate. Die "Fuller House" star and former "Dans Met Die Sterre" contes...

Actor Cameron Boyce’s parents turn his private battle with epilepsy into a quest for a cure

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When 20-year-old Cameron Boyce died suddenly after suffering an epileptic seizure in July 2019, fans around the world mourned the loss of a gifted actor whose career was just getting started. Few people knew that be...