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Beto O’Rourke says Texas gubernatorial campaign won’t be about Biden, slams president on immigration

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O’Rourke, who announced his bid for the governorship on Monday, was questioned during an appearance on CNN’s "Estado de la unión" about whether he would invite Biden to campaign for him in Texas. BETO O'ROURKE SAYS C...

Bari Weiss dismantles media’s falsehoods on Kyle Rittenhouse: This was a ‘disinformation campaign

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"Here is what I thought was true about Kyle Rittenhouse during the last days of August 2020 based on mainstream media accounts: The 17-year-old was a racist vigilante. I thought he drove across state lines, to Kenosh...

Pro-Biden group to spend $10 million on high-profile campaign touting President’s economic agenda

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Now that President Joe Biden has signed his highly sought-after infrastructure bill into law, it is time for Democrats to go out and sell the accomplishment. Building Back Together, the pro-Biden outside organizatio...

‘Mayor Pete’ ofrece una vista espectacular de la campaña de largo alcance de Pete Buttigieg

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Pete Buttigieg es un operador político tan fluido que incluso el acceso directo a su 2020 carrera presidencial concedida a los creadores de "Mayor Pete" solo produce mucha información sobre su campaña histórica. Mostl ...

Abuse allegations cast shadow over Sean Parnell’s Senate campaign

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Butler, Pennsylvania Sean Parnell's turbulent personal life, including allegations of abuse from his estranged wife, continues to spill into the open as the Senate hopeful appeared in court for a custody trial this ...

enero 6 asuntos del comité 6 citaciones a los principales asociados de la campaña de Trump, incluidos Michael Flynn y John Eastman

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El comité selecto de la Cámara que investiga el mortal enero 6 Riot on Capitol Hill anunció el lunes que emitirá seis citaciones adicionales a los principales asociados de la campaña de Trump mientras continúa buscando testimonio y documentación..

Sudan internet cuts complicate civil disobedience campaign against coup

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Sudanese pro-democracy groups launched two days of civil disobedience and strikes on Sunday in protest at last month's military coup, though participation appeared to be limited by continuing interruptions to intern...

Virginia governor-elect Youngkin says campaign became a ‘movement led by parents

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"[W]gallina [padres] heard Terry McAuliffe say…that parents don't have a role in their kids' education…this ceased to be a campaign, y empezó a ser un movimiento liderado por padres," él dijo. "And while the kitchen table...

La campaña de Ciattarelli reacciona a la decisión de AP: 'Irresponsable’ para llamar a votar tan temprano por Murphy

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"Con los candidatos separados por una fracción de un porcentaje de 2.4 millones de votos emitidos, it’s irresponsible of the media to make this call when the New Jersey Secretary of State doesn’t even know how many ballots a...

McAuliffe campaign scrambled to ‘killFox News story, emails reveal

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Team McAuliffe emails reveal effort to 'kill this' Fox News storyVirginia Democratic gubernatorial candidate Terry McAuliffe's campaign raised eyebrows by spending nearly $ 60,000 to hire a high-profile attorney kno...

Youngkin hits back at Biden’s January 6th jab: ‘Standard rhetoric of a failing campaign

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"Extremism can come in many forms. It can come in the rage of a mob driven to assault the Capitol. It can come in a smile and a fleece vest," said Biden Tuesday at a rally on behalf of Youngkin's opponent, former Gov...

Reporter asks McAuliffe ‘why do you need all the helpas big-name Democrats rush to help him campaign

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In recent days, McAuliffe has enlisted President Joe Biden, former President Barack Obama, Vice President Kamala Harris and a slew of other liberal household names in hopes he can get the extra boost needed to win th...

Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sands pitches ‘I can’t be boughtas she largely self-finances campaign

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Sands, who was an adviser to former President Donald Trump on his Economic Advisory Council, and eventually ambassador to Denmark, has long been a prolific donor to Republican candidates. She's now running for U.S. S...

Giuliani associate convicted of campaign finance crimes

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The verdict was returned in Manhattan federal court, where Lev Parnas was on trial for more than two weeks as prosecutors accused him of using other people’s money to pose as a powerful political broker and cozy up t...

Biden to campaign with Terry McAuliffe in toss-up Virginia election

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The McAuliffe campaign put out a media advisory alerting the press that Biden would campaign with McAuliffe in Arlington on Tuesday, exactly one week before the election. YOUNGKIN VOWS TO HOLD LOUDOUN COUNTY OFFICIAL...

John Durham outlines grand jury investigation into former Clinton campaign lawyer

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Special counsel John Durham gave a glimpse on Wednesday of his extensive use of a federal grand jury to bring a false statement charge against former Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. In a new court...

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